Jesus God!

What an awful way to start a day.

I fell asleep inadvertently last night with my face on the keyboard and then woke up to this.

Turner and Hooch ... it's not a bad film or anything. It's sure not my first call, though. My cable box has some weird error on the LCD screen and it won't let me change the channel or bring up the channel guide.

Turner and Hooch is like an unwanted pregnancy. You kind of feel like you deserve it for not being wiser but you still don't want to tell anyone about it.

Plus it's got Tom Hanks in tight briefs. Just like my unwanted pregnancy.




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omg lol the spanish soap opera stare-down

That's just incredibly sad.<br />
<br />
You should kill your cable box.

haha, and thanks Vendetta. I try hard to be the weirdest in eyesight and sometimes I pull it off.

I love watching Spanish-language soap operas sometimes. They have, without a doubt, the most intense stare-downs ever. 30 seconds per character... just zooming in on eachothers' eyes.... playing that dramatic music. I almost **** my pants last time I watched one. It was too intense.

Lol, I got stuck with Telemundo a while back. It wasn't too bad though, it was rather enjoyable trying to guess what they were saying

This has earned my vote for the most bizarre group I've come across today. Kudos.

hahaha. I'd rather watch Turner and Hooch anyday.

The Burbs are a family you get when you haven't made any families on the Sims... I thought it was cause they live in 'Burbia, <br />
but maybe someone making it was a The Burbs movie fan.

It's a young Tom Hanks as a too-serious young detective of some sort. Then he gets a new partner - a DOG! How hilarious! It's the typical Tom Hanks movie before Forrest Gump.<br />
<br />
Actually my favourite Tom Hanks movie is a pre-Gump film. The Burbs. It's hilarious.

I keep getting the Jesus Christ - The Real Story ad. Cause of the story's title I guess. What's happening in Turner and Hooch? My cable will let me watch anything BUT Turner and Hooch. I'd never actually heard of Turner and Hooch. But I kind of like saying it, Turner and Hooch.

Call you cable company and have them reboot your system.... no one should have to suffer as you are!

haha. I got the "Find Sexy Gay Singles In Your Area" ad when I re-loaded this. How appropriate...