My Car!

A few years ago I owned a dark blue 1988 Toyota Corolla. It was a good little car, but I was a delinquent car owner and didn't take care of it properly, didn't get my oil changed or go in for tuneups or anything. I knew something catastrophic was going to happen. So one day I got in the car because I was going to go shopping and then realized I had left the lights on and the battery was dead, which happened all the time. Anyway, I called AAA, they came, jumped it, and afterwards I was so frustrated with myself I decided I didn't feel like going shopping. Plus it was raining which was depressing. Plus it was a late afternoon Sunday and I just felt torpid and lethargic, and vaguely anxious about the impending work week. So I turned off the motor, only the car was making strange noises as if the motor was still on. But it was definitely off; the keys were out of the ignition. "Well, whatever, that's weird," I thought, and got out the car. There were also fumes coming off the hood of the car, just a few wafts of some kind of fumes. I knew that was a bad sign. Deep down I had a premonitory feeling that something apocalyptic was afoot, but I ignored it and walked away, hoping that it was just nothing and the car would be fine.

It was wet and miserable and cold outside and anyway, I went home and called my friend David, who is also my exboyfriend. Anyway, we were talking, and I said I was afraid my car was going to combust one of these days, and he started going on about how crazy and delusional I am, when I saw that the police department was on my call waiting, so I said, "Oh, actually, David, pardon me for interrupting your diatrible about my delusional state of mind, but you'll have to hold on because the POLICE are on the other line!!" They were calling to tell me that my car was on fire. They said someone was trying to hotwire it and they found it, like, in flames and the fire depatment had already taken it away, and that I had to go fill out an attempted auto theft report immediately and do all this other stuff. David came wtih me, I think because he felt guilty for calling me delusional.

It was very sad. But when I went to visit the remains of my car, the club, covered in soot, was in tact, and I kept it as a souvenir.
pandamystery pandamystery
31-35, F
Oct 6, 2006