My Cousin's Sweet Panties

 My cousin used to stay with my family when she was 15. I was 18 at that time. I don't know how it started, but by the time i realised I was wanting to **** my cousin. Every time I *********** She was my fantasy queen. Her fantasy could make me wake up and make me hard anytime, anywhere.

Since we were cousins I could never make a move on her. So instead when ever she wasn't around I would dig down her panty drawer and ********** on her panties, bra and lingeries. The feeling of her soft silky lingeries on my **** make me so hard and when i sniff her panties, the musky smell would make me *** loads.

I feel like she is attracted to me too coz i once saw her staring at me in the dark. I wish I could make her my sex slave.

wildhorizon wildhorizon
3 Responses Feb 1, 2009

No, she doesnt know that i used her panties i think. but i cant say...i just put them back after using them....she might have noticed the differences.

wow her panties are musky?lol..

I have a cousin who I find damn attractive. She is a sort of distant cousin though, not my immediate cousin. It would be too much effort/weird though if I did manage to hook up with her.