As A Crossdresser My Dressing Hobbie And Swithing My Blouse At Tailor.

Hi friends,
I am male to female cross dresser, age, 29 but looks like young and shine, because my body is very famine and naturally beauty as female. It is god gift to me. Because my body not only smooth, even as 29 years age ,naturally no hair on my body, hands and legs also, its appears very smooth and sexy because i am fair.

Actually whenever i dressing in Saree, i looks like very beautiful soo it is giving pressure to dress regularly. And now i am wearing regularly and feeling as female. But i dont know that after dressing i am liking to press myself my breast and nipples , by that getting very happy. So my fav dressing is Saree as south Indian girl, wearing bangles to my hands., wearing earring long, lipstick, nose ring, and long with some times middest wig.

But dressing is onset of art and my body looks like sexy it one set of art by god.

This hobby started at the age of 16, but now only i am maintains all items as female my self as very secretly. Now i am having all items along with makeup kit, and as series and dress items bras, panty, Lange, sarees and langavani sarees as my own. so now i am wearing once in 3 days at night very secretly and remaining days simple makeup and simply nighty only.

One day how i plan to switch 3 blouses at tailor. So i have goen some unknown place near by my area. There i tried to visit one tailor, but i got and i asked to tailor to be switch jackets(blouses0.

Tailor: three jackets giving but where is measurement jaket?
me : it is for me only
tailor: For you ohh okk come inside inside room
me ( Actually i weared inside bra and up shirt i have gone inside room.

tailor: ok remove your shirt

me : i removed

Tailor surprised ohh you are wearing inside bra also day time, are you hijra. no i am crossdreser, dont know anybody, i am very secretly dressing, but for this blouses i came like this. i told to tailor. dont tell to anybody please , and i ll come to you regularly for switching. immediately he smiled.

OK AFTER remove of my shirt he instructed me to remove my bra also i removed. after also he surprised ohh you are having nipple and breast like female.ohh you are very sexy and he smiled.i also smiled.

He has take all measurements but i feel very happy. but starting he told for switching cost 100 but he has taken only 75. i dont know why he has taken very less. but blouse is same like female shapes and all . very sexy soo i have given 50 extra . he feel very happy.After that you are very sexy, i want to see you in female dress and with complete makeup. i told nooo it is not possible. because my family members not allowed you. sorry. okk.
whenever you want switching pl come to here. okkk like that i am haivng experience at mail id
After that i am wearing in saree. Now last from 5 month i am getting feeling not only as female, getting to enjoy with one good person. soo i am keeping my story here. so please send if u like to me. my age 29, weight 5.6 and height5.5. fair. i added 3 photos that is mine.bye.

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