He Was A Great Man.

My dad died last night, I am still in shock. But I realize that no matter how hard I sob he wont come back. My last few moments with my father was chatting in the hospital, after I had overdosed. He was disappointed, because he loved me.

His death wasn't to much of a shock, I had a feeling it would happen... He was an unhealthy man, obese, bipolar, and recovering from a drug addiction. I will miss him a lot though.

Despite his issues he was the sweetest guy I had ever met, with the most dorky sense of humor. Him and I were so similar, it's difficult to grasp that I will never hear his voice again... Although sometimes I get wistful delusions of his loud baritone ringing through the living room.

I miss him. School starts soon, dad wont get to see me graduate... 4 years of school to go.
LiquidGuilt LiquidGuilt
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1 Response Aug 13, 2010

Very sorry to hear of your loss !! Hopefully you will remember good times you had together !! <br />
And yes, he probaly will be looking down on you with a big smile the day you graduate !!!!