Things I Wish I Would Have Said

April 1st 2006 was the day i lost my Dad,to a sudden massive heart attack.My father and i were very close.As far back as i could remember,even as a small child.I wanted to go with him wherever he went.3 Days before he passed away,we had a argument,nothing serious,but a dissagreement.It tears me up to this day,knowing i never got to opologize for our argument.I Know in my heart my father knew i loved him,and he never held a grudge or got mad about any arguments we had,but it still bothers me.He was a excellent grandfather to my children,he was always there.There was never a time he was not there when i needed him.I still have alot of great memories of him,photo's,tapes of him at family get togethers and vacations.There are many days,even after 5 years,that i just want to pick up the phone,to tell him i love him,or tell him something about his grandchildren.I asked him one time years ago after the birth of my first child,He was standing there with his arm around me telling me how proud he was of me,and i said,Dad...What would i do if you ever died?,He looked at me and smiled and said,You are going to go on through life,and raise your family,and be a good father,and know that i'll always be watching over you.Well,if your looking down on me Dad,i've done everything you told me,I've tried to be a good father,provider,husband.Everything you told me.I Just wish you could be here to hug you one last time!!!!
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this really moved me thanks for sharing. I'm sorry he left on terms you were not prepared for.

Aww....thank you..........It gets a little easier to deal with as time goes on....But you never forget

@ myselfhere,Thanks so much.and i'm also sorry for your loss as well.It is hard to go through life without them,but it took me awhile to realize,that this is a natural part of life.Sometimes i think,would i have felt different if would have died when he was 100 years old,No,i think it feels the same no matter when they are taken.Cheers to you as well,and good luck in your life and in the future:)

your story really touching me alot...:( yeah same i feel miss my dad too..he was being my figure on my life..its so hard continue my life without him..wish u all the best in ur life..cheers<br />
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*hugs*<br />

Thank you neeran:)

This is a touching story, Arguments between dad and son is natural. Yes, It's hard sometimes to bear it but as he said he still watches you, He knows your feelings. Your a great son : )

I couldnt've said this better myself!