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My dad has cancer and now they did more test today to see how far the cancer has spread and they said the test will be back within ten days. The worst bit is he is refusing chemo or radiation if it comes to that. I just want to yell at him. Why would he put us all through this is beyond me. We watched my uncle Al die of stomach cancer  about two years ago. I don't know why he would want to put us all through this again.x

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4 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Thank you for your advice and I will respect him and his wishes. x

my mother had cancer , she never had chemo or radiation treatment , but so far survived it, 4yrs no sign of its return , my father died 20yrs ago of cancer , so i know what you are going through, my grandmother had chemo & radiation , it made her so poorly & we still lost her , I dont think its the length of ones life , but the quality , i know its tough , but try & respect his choices and support him , he may come to the same decision as you on his own , he may need to adjust to the situation for himself . All the very best, my thoughts are with you

Thank you for your kind words and as much as I hate the thought of it. I will have to respect him. I pray for peace within him.x

i know how you feel. My grandfather had cancer and he went through chemo and got in the clear then 4 years later it can back and he refused it a second time. I'd cry all the time after we found out. One day after the family all fussed with him to take it we went for a walk in the cane fields just me and him like we did every sunday after church and lunch and i asked him why he refused it if it could save his life. and he told me this (the world are burned into my brain till i die) I dont want to just sit back and watch my life go by sage. when i do chemo thats what i do i dont have the strenght to get up and enjoy life if thats going to be my last months. This way I'll be able to take my walks with you, i can take granny danceing and dazzle her on the floor, i can play with ya'll in the yard, and most of all I can get out my bed each day and take whats coming that day. I've lived, I've felt, I've fallen. And after all that if this is my time its my time. But no matter wwhat or where i am i will always be in here (cupping his hand over my heart and kissing the top of my head)<br />
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This is how i saw it after our walk He doesn't want to suffer from the chemo he wanted to take it head on. It sucks for the rest of us but we have to do what they want. I know this might not help you at all but i wanted to let you know that sometimes they just dont want you to see them that way they want to leave you as the strong man that you remember as a child, the protector, and the lover.....