When i was young i had to help with the house work i siad it was womans work mother asked my sister what should happen to me she told her i should see what it takes to be a girl so i was taking upstairs all my clothes was lock up i stayed in the guest room all my sisters dresses that did not fit  her was mine they put me in panties with a matching bra garterbelt stocking 2 inch heels they fix my long hair in a ponytail with a pink ribbon to match my dress iwas to wear a half slip was put on me then a pink party dress the shoes match the dress i wasGIVING A PURSE WE WALK OUT THE DOORand WE WALK TO A NAIL SALON WHERE MY NAILS WAS DONE IN PINK THEY ASK MY NAME I WAS TOLD TO SAY NANCY every second i was becoming a girl thenmy mother told us the we are going to get our hair done my hair was to be a blonde and my eyebrows was thined out when they got done with me i was a cute teenage girl i huged my mother i told her i wanted to be a daughter for her  we left the salon and we stop a to get my ears prieced  she asked  me what type i would like i told her pearls earings when we left i had pearl earrings in my ears real pearls and neck lace  went shopping after that for aprons for me  and when we got home i heard surpise it waqs my birthday and i was 16 so it was my sweet 16 my room was redone all girly girl  i love the color pink
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Nice i wanna be them

I love it to go to a nail salon dressed as a girl...

After aunty had dessed me as a girl, I loved it so much I begged her to keep me as a girl, she said that as I look so pretty as a girl I can stay one forever, I kissed her to thank her and she took me into town to buy me lots of pretty dresses and skirts and sweet little girl knickers with lace and flowers and bows on them, I was so thrilled I was to stay a girl i asked aunty if she would buy me a dolly to play with and a dolls pram, she said of course sweetypie all little girls must have their dollies and asked me if I wanted to go to an all girls school, I said yes please aunty I would love to be a schoolgirl so she bought me a schoolgirl uniform with a short box pletted skirt and navy blue school knickers and with my hair styled to that of a teenager I really felt and looked like a schoolgirl. One day at the school disgo I met this loverly looking boy who told me he was in love with me, we kissed and cuddled with french kisses and soon felt his hands down my knickers but aunty came and stopped anything happoning and told me that she must stop things like this and was to take me to a doctor to arrange to have all my boy parts removed to make me a real girl as I would then have a virgina so boys could treat me like a real girl, I am so looking forward to becomeing a real girl and I dont even mind useing tampax when I have my periods.

Great story !

What a fun story. A very similar story happen when i visited my aunt one summer. I asked my aunt "what was it like being a girl? Then, I told her that I would love to be a girl for a day. To my surprise, she said "yes" and I spend a whole day dressed as a girl and doing things that girls do. Thanks for sharing.

I liked your story too thank you.

What an amazing story, you were so lucky to have this experience, your mom was amazing, the way she handled, particularily involving your sister, to my knowledge, I have only had an experience like this in my dreams, I know that I too, from the earliest partial memories was always mesmerized on how incredibly beautiful little girls clothes were, I know I would regularly try to see what they were wearing under those dainty dresses. I have bits of a memory, from a kindergarden experience, where I was, I believe caught numerous times by my teacher doing this on the playground and our classroom, I remember her being so upset with me that she pushed me down into a stuffed chair in my classroom, notified my mom of what happened, but, the consequences that followed have been kept in secret, the small pieces that I can recall have all, but, been wiped away with my 3 year combat years of experience in Baghdad, where I lost some of my soldiers, and my last commander. I have been trying for years to uncover my feminine activities, mostly, between 4 and 8 years of age. No photos have survived, from my being dressed up times, or have been carefully hidden, and my surviving family members want me to stop asking the questions. I know I must have received some extensive daughter-like training, because I was taught, almost all the skills, regarding housework, cleaning, laundring everyones clothes, separating them, putting them in correct drawers, proper ways to hang dresses and other lingerie on the line, braiding and setting hair, among these, knitting, embroidery, crochet, darning, needlepoint, sewing, by hand and machine, ironing, turning up skirts, cooking, baking and most other things every daughter is taught by there mom. I am currently involved in an organization, where myself and 22 other ladies and gentleman are sewing dresses for individual little girls in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. I had to find something that I could throw myself into, after losing most of the use of both my arms from Baghdad. I have a good friend in that area that has developed the program and helping it to be successful. I look forward to reading many more of your experiences, <br />

thank you for sharing your great story I was not able to serve my country under arms but I have tried to help suport all those that do the havy lifting for me. I am involved in a wood turning project that makes pens and sends them all over the world to our service men and women to thank them for their service and let them know that they have not been forgoten by us
does the project you help with have a donation site if you don't want to put it out here in open please send me a note at fradon@ymail. com

Great story thanks for posting and sharing.

Nice story, thanks for sharing!

I also love wearing the color pink.