My Sister Punish Me For Wearing Her Cloth

one day when i was in my home alone . I was feeling alone , boor then after sometime when i went to my sister room to take the art book , so i can make some drawing and when i was searching that book i saw a pink dress , skirt and other outfit in her cloth stand . I don't know how but it attrack me . I was feeling like wearing that cloth . I try to maintain my self but it was going out of control then whithout thinking any thing i wear the cloth and act like a pretty girl and in between that my sister came to home and caught me wearing her cloth .she smiled and began to say me that she will not tell any think about that but i have to obay her order there were no other option and i say yes .then she told me i am going to face a punishment and she told me to open all my dress then she brought her panties , bra , high heel shoes , make up and that pink dress and command me to wear all the stuff and she apply her make up on me and told me that as a punishment i have to sit like that for 2 hours and act like a little girl for 2 hour.
this event was so fear full for me but i managed with my sister and i was let free after 2 hour.
trishant trishant 13-15 6 Responses Nov 20, 2011

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She should make you wear petticoats and dresses and make sure you act like a sissy all the time.

Trishant, I would like to learn more about this incredible experience, especially the sensations you went through, how, your sister talked to you, when she was dressing you up, did she seemed please to be sharing this experience with you, had you thought about doing this when you were much younger, and was there any follow-up sessions later, and did it change the relationship, that you experienced with your sister, and since I don't know how old you and your sister were, I have to ask if your mom found out, and how she reacted to the incident. I would so much like to have you as my friend, we share the same little girls heart, and always have,

**** that up

Im sorry I would had tore you up...

how sad

what is so sad

There were so many other ways that your sister could have handled this situation, it seems like it was important to her to keep this fun between only her brother and herself, I think you had a very loving sister that took those 2 hours to try to understand and allow you an experience that most boys would never have. I would have loved to be there with you, or take your place. Thank you for sharing another wonderful experience. I am thinking though, that you may have had some earlier dress-up experiences, maybe instigated by your sister, mom or other female. There would have been a lot of wasted Halloweens and birthday parties, again, thank you, and I would look forward to any early photos that you might want to share, message me if you want to share or talk more,<br />

don't worry i will share my photo but at first i want your detail and photo wearing girl dress if are boy

you have pic