One Afternoon: I Was A Girl For A Day!

It all started when I was about to turn 15 years old. My parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told them that I wanted to visit my favorite aunt on my mother’s side. So, we made arrangement to visit my aunt who lived on the opposite coast. My aunt was a photographer who had traveled around the world and met some incredible people. She had been married to a journalist, but had no children of her own. Every night, we would stay up late at watching Perry Mason or Colombo in our pajamas while eating popcorn. Anyway, I was sitting on her bed looking at some of the old family photos of my mom and cousins. Suddenly, I just blurted out “it would be fun to be a girl for day!” At first my aunt just looked at me strangely and with a quirky smiled. Finally, she said, “Okay, we’ll get up early Saturday morning and have a girl’s day on the town.” Not only was I surprised at her response, but I couldn’t wait until the next day!

The next day, we got up bright and early and ate breakfast at some great little hole in wall diner. Then, we went shopping at a local boutique. My aunt asked me to pick out something cute. I knew just what I wanted to pick out. First, I got a pink top with bows on sleeve, pink and  black plaid pelted skirt, white lace socks with pink bows, and Mary Jane shoes. We stopped at another store and picked up a matching pink bra and panties trimmed in white lace. Later, we went back home and I got all dressed in the clothes laid out on my bed. Then, we were off to the hair salon. After getting my hair curled and my eyebrows shaped; we head for the nail salon. I chose a light pink. My aunt finished off my new look with some pink lipgloss.

I begged my aunt to let me walk around the local mall and veer into the stores. Mainly, I wanted to see what the people's reaction would be to my new look. We agreed to meet in front of the coffee stand in about a hour. Oh my god! Several guys tried to hit on me. Some creepy guy was following me around from store to store. Then, I met three other real teenager girls and we pal around in the mall.I told them my secret and they thought it was cool for guy to dress up in public. It was so much fun! I was having the time of my life. Later, I met up with my aunt and we took in a mystery movie and then headed back home. Of course my aunt took lot of pictures with her 35 millimeter camera. I never felt so pretty in my entire life. I also learned a valuable lesson. It’s not so easy being a girl, even for a day!

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I just so loved this story. Thankyou. Will you please please friend me. I've tried to friend you. Your settings won't allow me. Xxx

Thank you soo much! I've been writing as much...been busy with work and school.
I really appreciate you reading my stories!

That's my pleasure. Please keep your stories comming.

you are so so lucky and brave I wish I could have done that ...can u please add me
Love Sissy Tina

My wife would dress me up and we would go out to bars. I ,luckily, could pass as a woman.Being with her and picking up guys, who believed I was a woman was so exciting.

Yeah, it's not easy but it is so-o-o worth it.

I agree being a girl is not as easy as it looks! Thanks for sharing!!

I was a girl for the day, but I didn't look anything like you, you are awesome !!!

I'm still a work in progress...

You and your story are really cute and sensual. Your aunt is a great person.

thank you :-)

Wow!! Hot story! I just love the stockings and schoolgirl look!
Pat x

It's funny how the simplest things can have a big impression on you!

Wow now that is a relative worth keeping!

thanks soo much!!

I had another look (I was in agony and my **** was growing hard) of beautiful girl in the photos and I really reeeeallyyy enjoyed ************ a several spurting spunky comes. Please more photos PLEASE !!!!!!! Darling Pink. Hugs xxxx

I totally disagree with you Lori. You are !


You hit the pervert nail on the head!


I had to go back to you again to have another look at a very nice sexy girl pictures. You must be a girl not crossdresser, teasing us. You pretent to be a boy dressing as girl. xxx

I wish I was a girl...but nope I m a boy who like to dress as a girl :)

You are so lucky, that must have been a dream come true.

It was more than amazing...I got to see the world from whole different point of view!
Thanks soo much for comments!

Sweetheart...that was a great story. It is a thrill to be out in public. Makes me want to be a girl even more. Now, I gotta ask...did you ever get the pictures. Do they still exist? It would be priceless if you had a few to post.

My aunt took the pics on a 35mm camera, but I don't believe she ever got them developed. Then she moved and some of film canisters were lost :( I may have some old Polaroid photos hidden in a shortage locker. Anyone up for a treasure hunt?

Let's call the CIA and FBI. Those canisters must be found!!! I'll put up $1000 reward to see you dressed up as a boy!

I just put out all points bulletin on those photos...:)

Oh what a relief that would be to go out shopping with an Aunt or mother in full fem, being one of the girls...;-)

Was this only a one time thing? I didn't know if it could be done only once. Once I dressed as a girl for a day I had to do it often!

I only did one time with my aunt, but I have dressed a lot more since.

The fun thing about this experience. I got to see the world through a girl eyes. I realized a couple of things really quick. Girls get hit on a lot by guys! The other thing is that I didn't realized how hard it is to be a girl. As a guy I just put on a t shirt and jeans...and I was out the door. But, as a girl, I took hours trying to find the right outfit!

so have you done it anymore since?

No, but I want too. It was really a thrilling experience!

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. It was fun seeing the world through the eyes of a girl. I realize girl's clothes were so much more comfortable and colorful too!

all boys should get to do that at least once.

I would assure you, there would be no bullies on the playground if guys wore a dress one thanks for your comment!

I agree completely! If boys spend just one day as a girl, they would act a whole lot differently. Thanks for your comments.

That sounds so Delightful! More Boys need to have the Girly xperience. There are numerous Boys that want to be eminine and had the Courage to ask, and i think you are better off for the Experience! Good for you!

Hi Patti,
Since I was more feminine in my my mannerism, but not to the extreme. At the time, I didn't understand those feelings and those urges to want to dress. I figured out later that my aunt was helping me sort out my feelings and explore dressing under her watchful eye.