My Heart Is Breaking

My daughter is a beautiful lady she is 25 she has made some mistakes but not till she hooked up with this coward of a man that controll her every move. 
She has a beautiful daughter who just turned 5 this past June. I have had my grand daughter all the time since she was born. Now this freak of a man took her away filled her head with so dumb things she wrote us all off I haven't spend any time with my granddaughter since June. Her so called boyfriend put her in jail as he attacked her then call 911 said she went after him all this happened in front of my grand daughter seeing her mom go to jail. but he bailed her out she is still kissing is *** I had a baby shower for my daughter-in-law she and her daughter was let out of the house to come to it my grand daughter had black and blue marks on her face and a cut on the bridge of the nose 3 different stories were told about and there is no way that a fall could do that. so cps was called they closed the case let him be around my grand daughter that is not her dad. I have received so much hate mail from her saying how bad we are everything. I breaks my heart to see her be that way she never was like that . for him he is a freeloader  takes everything he can had him here that was a big mistake he caused so much pain my boys I have 3 of them have disown there sister he try to mess up my boys life calling the cops on them to get them in trouble but that did't work.
 but what scares me the most is all his guns hand guns ak47  he told us no one will mess with him as he has guns plus he was a gunner in the war and has a bad *** temper. My daughter never was like that now she don't want anything to do with us her family won't talk to us either. I worry about my grand daughter so much but no one will do anything but here the cps is no good here they have sent children back they have been hurt or killed one was on the news here.
I don't know what to do any more
janniemarie janniemarie
Sep 26, 2011