My Daughter's Boyfriend Says She Has To Disown Her Family Because He Doesnt Like Us

My daughter was in a bad relationship but I think she is in a worse one now.  The guy she is dating is a year younger than her and she will be graduating in a couple of weeks.  He has told her that she must stop having contact with her family because he doesnt like us.  He has told her that she will have to do what he says once they are married and under no circumstances is she to allow their future children to have contact with us. In other words, im not allowed to see my future grandchildren when they are born.  My daughter doesnt see the onset of the control and how very bad it can become.  She says she will sneak the kids over and dont worry about it.  I have told her that it will only get worse.  Her prom is next weekend and I am not even allowed to have a picture of the 2 of them together because he will not come here.  He has demanded that she get ready at a friends house and he will pick her up there.  I have told her that if that kind of behavior continues then she will not be able to see him anymore and of course that just causes fights between her and I.  What should I do?infla
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Oh yes I know exactly what you mean. I have tried to get her to understand that I myself went through the same thing. It started out minor and ended with him holding a gun to my throat. I got out before he killed me but it was very very close and I dont want her to have to go through what I went through. Thanks for your support.

sweety ur doing what u can do best as a mother.. i am also a mother if that was my girl i would put a stop to him seeing her. i no i been there what hes doing he controlling her cuz he wants her all to himself. hes the type of guy that will beat women and abuse them. hes got her blinded and she cant see the truth. you must take action for her own good before it will be to late! i was force to marry a man i did not love or wanted to be with and he was the same way as he is to her. hes one of the worst.. from what i see if she does not do what he says he will beat her really bad. u need to look on the net about how men hide their abusive ways its all in there and it tells u things to do to protect urself from that and howto get away.. hes got her tied down and shes only a baby shes not even 21 yet and he thinks he runs the show. i would not care or think about what he wants or says i would go over there and her my baby away from him u got to show him YOU! MEAN BIZZZ!!! u need to put ur foot down and not let him take control of her cuz once he hits her he will never stop he will keep doing it to her and the reason why he dont want her talking to you or her friends that way he can beat on her and she cant call for help when she needs it. he wants it to where when he beats her no one will know and thats not cool. cuz lots of women die from men beating them to death cux they had no help when they cried out for it....u need to do something now before it gets even worse hes not her parents you are you need to do whats best to protect your children if you honestly love your child then you need to take action now!! most parents regret not being their for their children when the abuser told them they didint want them around it was their way into scare the parents so they can feal defeated and they were when they found out it was to late and they lost their child over a abuser like that... if u need to get the cops involved in this do it! get who ever you can to get ur babygirl away from that monster if you dont you will wish you did... you got to trust me on this i no what im talking about..if you need to talk to me you can add me and message me i will always be glad to help you..