How can I help my beautiful daughter stop her obsessive skin picking....she looks like a heroin addict. She say's she can't stop, she sees a hair and has to pick it until she gets the whole hair follicle and in the process she is ruining her beautiful skin. I know she has anxiety, and OCD, and also, I think, she is bi-polar. My heart breaks for her on a daily basis. I can't say ANYTHING to her or she gets extremely angry with me. I pray for Jesus to release her from this terrible demon. What can I do to help her and give her positive reinforcements? She is on Zoloft right now, and has been since she was in 7th grade, she is now 26yrs old, but I wonder if she needs to change her prescription and get some serious counseling. My heart breaks for her, I just want her happy and to have a fulfilling life. Signed worried Mom!!!!!
jazzygirl23 jazzygirl23
26-30, F
Aug 18, 2014