Not Sure What To Believe.

My daughter is 22. Today she told me that my husband, her step dad since she was 3, sexually abused her once when she was 12. She's never mentioned this to me before. My other four children don't believe it, stating that its uncharacteristic of him. Her real dad, who had nothing to do with her, died when she was 11. Is she making this up, or should i confront him about it. My husband is a strict father, who has spanked all of his kids, but the others don't hate him, nor me. Just her, she hates us both, and blames me for everything.
tiredat42 tiredat42
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

wow it is a tough one. so many girls now a days want to lie about this kind of thing to get pity (attention) i can understand why you are confused. best wishes xoxo