Dont Have Much Money To Spend For A Wedding For Our Daughter

My daughter is 19 and cant find a job.  My husband and I lost full time jobs 3 years ago.  We both work part time for the school district.  My parents both passed away 3 1/2 years ago.  My daughter wants to marry boyfriend she has known for 2 and 1/2 years.  He is in school full time to be a computer game designer.  We want something nice, but not much money to spend.  Maybe $1,000 maximum?  Depressed about it.

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love your thinking tfedup, fabulous opportunity overr8d for testing the imagination, not the budget.

it can be a genuine expression of love, not $s. what a gorgeous day you can share.

see if you can put aside what you don't have as you still have lots of choice, maybe moreso now as your imagination is in charge:) the majority of current ceremonies are just something society has made people think is necessary and you can create a wonderful day together without all the waste.

maybe your son-in-law-to-be's computer design skills can be put to use in creating the invitations. heaps of websites with great ideas for beautiful invitations too.

a couple here had a theme of 'nothing new' for their wedding, brought about not by a shortage of $s but through a choice of 'non-consumerism'. they had the ceremony on a family property and made everything themselves, food, the cake, bouquets, outfits, they brewed apple ciders, ginger beers, standard beer. the guests were asked not to purchase new outfits for the day, they shared transport there and gifts were either donations of time in helping them build their home or pre-loved gifts such as books.

maybe check out your local registry office too as some of those are quite nice & it's just your basic fee.

mention the word wedding and any of the professional services here go through the roof. if you don't have a friend who loves photography, you can either have disposable cameras handed randomly to guests or ask guests to share the photographs they take throughout the day on their own digi cameras.

have the couple make a list of their favourite things and what's important to them in sharing their commitment. would they prefer formal and elegant, or natural, fun, relaxed, maybe a personal theme that reflects their relationship?

if they want specific music, can do an mp3 to last the length of the ceremony without needing someone to do anything other than hit play at the beginning. actually, that can make a nice thank you gift to the guests too - a copy of the wedding music with a picture of the couple on the front.

involve your friends and family and some will be excited to help with whatever skills they have.

love the bonfire on the beach with singing & flowers tfedup. in our township here, we have beautiful city parks for outdoor weddings, great scenery for photos.

for an indoor wedding, maybe you could use your own home and decorating ideas from magazines or books at the library. drape different materials, use candles, balloons can look elegant when colour themed and tied with matching ribbon to pretty paper wrapped weights.

2nd hand shops are great treasure troves for unique items or borrow items from friends. dollar shops here have candelabras you can place on cloth table runners and sprinkle the table with crystal baubles (the ones you put in vases).

finger food, cocktail style, can be easier and cheaper than seating people for a meal.

if none of your circle love to bake, buy a slab of mud cake and pop fresh flowers in the centre, ribbon around the edge, use ideas from cake decorating books. doesn't have to be expensive to look expensive;)

i went to a breakfast wedding once and the bride & groom said they chose that as the catering was cheaper. was beautiful to be there early and down by the waterfront while the day was fresh. the gusty winds created some joyful laughter with the bride holding hard to her veil.

sorry for rambling. hope to hear more as to how you're all going with the choices.

That is what I was going to say. My friend got married in a simple ceromoney and had a big pot-luck reception where everyone brought a nice fancy dish to share. Friends played guitars. It was an amazing feast and a great day. If she wants to have a nice wedding it is possible on very little can even get used wedding dresses or sometimes even free....good luck with that!!

Sounds like your family may welcome the new member? If so,,, any ritual inviting him to your family is a lovely jester. Money amoutn not important. Great time to invite your inner group to be creative in a celebration of love ...bon fire on the beach? with singing and flowers? in the forest? in the home? pot luck..many ways to share the joy of budding love. congratulations!!!