Even With Lifes Difficulties We Must Always Remain Strong In The Lord; There Is A Reason

When I awake my strongest desire is always that good cup of hot and fresh coffee; The aroma is as uplift and the hotter the better when that first sip comes. Ah so good. I went from a life of that to almost two years without any good coffee that I had a near 40 year habit of other than perhaps once a month to a Dunkin Donuts in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental Philippines. Other than that it was 3 in 1 instant for 5 peso each.


About a year ago I got hold of one of those wire strainer screens with a handle that would fit over a coffee mug or cup with a cut piece of paper towel for a filter and canned Café’ Puro Jade Blend for 140 peso a container or a little less that $3. And for the most part it has been a great relief. But when out of funds as has been my life for three years now even the paper towels will run out so I will use a sock that’s too quick and makes a poor cup of coffee. Or I will run out normal grounds and just go back to 3 in 1 instant which is just different and far better than nothing at all.


With that I have gotten used the same old same or just all there is to eat of fish and rice with malunggay leaves boiled also for about 3 years now. Once in awhile I will get some ground beef that here in the Philippines is mostly ground fat and bones with no taste while chicken is plentiful and cheap.


During the three years since I first met Mylene who became my wife last August on a $24 set of rings that she bought, life has just been a daily struggle that we have learned to accept well while always keeping our faith because we know God has a purpose for our lives just as He did for men of God all through history.


There are photo's of the 20’x18’ home of hollow block on a 30’x30’ lot we started and ended after a week because we now owe about one hundred fifty for materials like cement, block, stone and sand. For three men to work 5 days costs us a total of seventy five dollars and they want to go back to work when we have money again; and as far as we have gotten in comparison to the years past is a blessing from God; therefore we know the days will come when we are living in our own simple native home with no rent or owes montly other than bacis like water and power.


My whole past was being a man who gave very much too very many people and causes; and God knows my heart is true just as He knew the heart of Paul, David, Daniel, Moses, Samuel, Elijah and all men that He chose because of what He could see in their hearts that tell Him everything that He wants to know.  So in faith within the storms of life my wife and I trust in God and just continue waiting because only He knows our hearts and just how great our needs truly are with the years of patience and strong faith that we have developed that He is very pleased with. Hebrews 11:6


It is by the grace of God that we became as one because she never complains while having nothing, and because God helped her to become a 1st grade school teacher with 68 students; that is how we have survived; but with very little monthly because it was her who borrowed for the lot, to pay the help, for her 125cc scooter that’s her transportation rain or shine and just always teachers loans that are deducted and leave little to live on, plus she sends what she can [1000 peso monthly] to her mom and dad who have nothing in another province of the Philippines. Therefore living on less than one hundred dollars per month is not easy, but the many worldwide starving with nothing to eat is not easy either, so we are very thankful to God for what we do have as we live with faith that gives me joy because the kingdom of God right here on earth shall end all of the living nightmares for so very many that my hands are tied from helping.


May God Bless All Who Seek Him as Silver While Searching for Him as Hidden Treasures because those are the instruction from Him that all who want to know Him must follow. Proverbs chapter 2 needs to become your new way of life now while there is still time because the words in Proverbs 1:22-33 were written as a warning for all today who sincerely want the truth of God.

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The package was a very great blessing with Kraft products and coffee that has been the greatest. We thank you so very much because of the twenty thousand people who love our Lord with so much love in their hearts, only you have helped us. Yet I love them all with the love of Christ that passes knowledge so we might be filled with the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:19 <br />
And with that love we have the mind of Christ in Philippians 2:5, so we say, Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. Luke 23:34<br />
Because if they did know that by breaking Christs commandment of love in John 13:34, they would receive no blessings for the tree of life. Revelation 22:14. It's so sad that the blind are leading the blind.

Our faith is strong and wavers not even with the past 39 months of difficulties while making contact with brethren, pastors, ministers, priests, churches, religious web sites and just anyone having to do with God; and there has been no help, no love or care shown which is breaking the new commandment in John 13:34 which makes us as nothing to God 1 Corinthians 13:2 which blocks entry into the tree of life Revelation 22:14. But today's shepherds don't teach their flocks Gods truth. Ezekiel 34, therefore much righteous blood shall be shed because of their false teachings. Lamentations 4:13. <br />
<br />
My wife and I thank you from so very deep within our hearts that only God knows the depth because it was Him that brought us together. It is my prayer that God awakes many to His truths before its to late. Lamentations 3:8, 43-44 all because they had not the love of Christ. Proverbs 21:13 is but one good example that God wants many to see. <br />
<br />
We also love you in great ways Sonja; because our love for you is in our hearts NEVER TO BE MOVED.

Jeff, God does work in mysterious ways....sending package to you...be blessed! Love you both. Sonja