21 Years Old And Trying To Move Out.

I am 21 years old and have been staying with my parents ever since I graduated in 2010. I'm ready to start my new life in a big city and show my parents that I am grown enough to take care of myself now and prove to them that I can make it on my own but my issue is well...coming from a small town will it be much harder for me in a big city. I feel like I'm stuck at this point and I'm really looking forward to finding out your opinion on this.
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Well, I am a certified nurse assistant but I dont think that would be enough income to move out though. I feel like im ready but am I really ready??? Should I just go off my gut feeling or should I wait about 3 more years?. I dont want to be 24 living with my parents still eating out of their refrigerator.

It's appropriate to want to separate and be on your own. That is a developmental mile stone.

Unfortunately, the true fact of this modern time we live in where (as I mentioned below)--people in your generation are likely to feel very deprived without expensive luxuries that (you all) are used to as necessities. So . . . a lot of twenty-somethings do live at home to make it work financially . . .

And if your folks are like me, we want our kids not to have to struggle real hard to live.

My thoughts to you as a CNA--consider any nursing program -- even a fairly short LPN program (they do exist--I know this as I am an RN and where I live, there are actually full-time programs for LPNs). Just becoming an LPN will increase your earning capacity immensely and will provide a bright future as far as job availability, choices, income & beneifits. Better yet, think about doing an RN program, but be advised, these pursuits do not come easy--but they WILL be worth it.

You know, you can contribute to your folks grocery bill, household expenses, etc. You can insist on paying the cable bill--or SOMETHING like that--so you don't feel like a total dependent until the day comes when you are ready to be out on your own . . .

I meant to say above, that their ARE full-time educational programs available that can be completed in 9 months to become an LPN in some cases.

Thanks for taking the time out to give me advice right now, really needed it. :-)

Take the responsibilty to prove to yourself you can do this. Start by making a budget for life on your own. You will want to eat out, pay your rent, buy food to eat in, pay for your cell phone, cable tv, internet, entertainment (like movies, going out, etc.). Not to mention insurance for your vehicle (and apartment if you are wise). These are just a FEW expenses that you will incur . . .

Find a job is reliable so it will last--one that will provide health insurance would be ideal. Who cares if it's your dream job--if the pay is enough and the benefits are there, just do it--all of us "adults" have had to endure a job that feeds the family, but doesn't fulfill our ideal situation.

Make your plans, ask for advice from your folks, be open to reasonable discussion and resist the urge to be defensive if they critique your plan. Their insight will be aimed towards you being successful, not toward you failing, right?

Personally, I left home abruptly and suddenly at age 18 (long ago before there were luxuries like cell phones and electronics which are now "necessities.") My life alone was so frugal that I had no house phone, an ITTY bittey rental with a few pieces of borrowed furniture--nothing "nice." Also, buying food was a problem for me and my two kitties--and my car kept needing repairs. Stretching my paycheck from month to month was nerve racking and not fun. (It was so frustrating back then, that I ended up joining the Army.)

Save some money and avoid debt whenever possible!! Listen to Dave Ramsey on the radio--he has great financial wisdom.