Brittney Ann

She was 16, I got her when i was 5, and yesterday she left us.

She was one of the few constant things in my life, and i will miss her so much. She was spoiled rotten every single day of her life. Which makes me so happy. She was caring, and always knew when something was wrong. She slept under the covers by my feet. If I tried to move her, she'd growl. Her bark was much worse than her bite. :) She played with my brother and I. She was a sister. She was always there to clean off our plates. She was with her family at the very end. She was old, and not as fiesty as she used to be. I love her, I miss her. She was hit by a car, chasing a rabbit. Outside, with no rules, the way she like it. We protected her for 16 years. She didnt suffer long, But i ached to see her in pain.

I love my baby girl. She will be missed. April 1994- May 2010. Miss you.

ktullos3 ktullos3
18-21, F
May 14, 2010