Goodbye Roxie :( I Bet Frisbee Heaven Is Awesome.

yesterday afternoon our Roxie was hit by a car. I screamed for her to stop but she didnt make it. She was the best dog ever. I miss her so much already. I never thought losing my best friend would come so soon. It hurts so much.

She always brought me the frisbee along with kisses and a smile. And would be more excited than the last time, every instance I came home.

our cat hobs was/is nervous. she wanders around meowing.

Its the quietest morning ever. I'd give anything to hear roxies little claws on the hardwood floor. It was something that annoyed me so much because it meant she needed to go outside.

I just wish I would have known that yesterday was it. I would have spent extra special time with her. We played a little yesterday morning on the bed. rolling around and just playing. She loved it so much. She never would bite.

I would run out of the room and kneel on the ground with my face really close to the carpet. Roxie would get her tummy really close to the carpet and slink as fast as she could like that right to me. She'd get right under my face as fast as she could on her back. Then we'd run around the house till I was out of breath. I'd hide under the blankets, or in the closet. She always found me eventually. She was sooooo excited when she found me.

She wasn't the most amazing catch at frisbee, but she did catch it sometimes. Everytime I got so excited. It was the best to watch her pick up the frisbee upside down. It would flip up over her eyes and she would have to run sideways to come to me. I dont think she wanted to set it down for fear it would get away before she could get it to me.

I didnt even have to tell her to "drop it" when she brought stuff to me. She would just lovingly put it in my lap. or throw it to me the best way she could.

her "ready" stance was amazing. If I told her to sit before I threw the ball she would just lower her butt a little bit in a total fake sit. her ears would go up and she would get this fiery intense "dont worry dad, I got this...just throw it" look on her face. And of course, she would bring it back...every time. Every time. although she definitely would stop to "kill it" on her way. I threw the frisbee alone yesterday without her. Crushed me.

Roxie was far more than a pet to me. She was my family. Simply ingrained in our every day lives, and so much a part of daily life and routine, that the house seems intensely vacant without her.

I miss her claws on the floor.
I miss her coming when I call.
I miss going OM NOM NOM NOM to her, as permission for her to give me kisses.
I miss playing frisbee with her.
I miss how she would throw the ball to herself when I didn't feel like playing anymore.
I miss having someone unequivocally in love with me.
I miss her loyalty.
I miss her selflessness.
I miss how she would lay on my feet when I was at my desk.
I miss how she would sulk and look at me out of the corner of my eye when I asked if she wanted a bath or not.
I miss how she would pick up her can of food and go hide it under my desk.
I miss how every squeaker in a toy was a #1 priority to kill.
I miss how once the squeaker was dead, the ball made this odd sound. I miss that sound so much
I miss my reading buddy. She would always lay on my book and stare at me. I would read as much as I could on the page I was on, and move her head. she'd be back there momentarily, seeking affection.

I miss taking roxie for rides. I dont think she liked anything more...

I miss my garage buddy.

I miss how when I would get home, she'd jump up to chest level and I would catch her. She'd kiss me, then struggle like crazy to get away to go do the same thing to Jes. Then, she'd jump in my arms again, until she didn't have any energy anymore.
I miss being away from home, with no desire greater than to get home and see Roxie, knowing how excited she would be. Driving through wisconsin knowing that when I got home, I would get to play frisbee with my dog.

Dogs are amazing. She loved me without motive. During the brief time she was here, she made me incredibly happy. I will miss her so much. I suppose when you love something so much, when that something is gone, it just hurts all the more. She is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I am still incredibly crushed with grief.

roxie and franky were best buds...

she tolerated haircuts, but hated baths.

she killed the octopus in like 45 minutes.



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I'm so sorry for your loss. My dog, Diego, died a month ago and I still can't stand it. He was like a child to smart, so loving, and so perfect. It was so much harder because it was so sudden and he was so young. The only thing that helps me through it is the thought that one day I will be able to see him again.

My dog, Max was hit too! Just a few weeks ago. I know your pain and I am so sorry. He was my dog but loved all! However, he was my shadow. LOL! He went with me every where and always slept on my side of the bed...not unless the hubby took him but Max never went without a protest. LOL! He can never be replaced! There is such a whole in my heart from his passing...such a void! I still cry!! Our pets are not just pets to us...They are family!! So sorry about your loss!!

Reading your story and looking at the nice pictures of your Roxie made me cry. Our family also had 2 lovely angels. I left my place (India) in 2006 to go to Netherlands. My Mother took both of them to my sisters place in U.S, after a short while, they went to their heavenly abode. I regret so much that I could not see them for such a long time. I think dogs are amazing creatures. My mother daily feeds a few stray dogs in the locality, where we live. I would suggest you to start spending time at the local animal shelter, where you can provide your time, support and love to other cute creatures like Roxie. This would be the best tribute for her.

I totally feel your pain. I read your story and when I got to the part where she used to jump into your arms I started bawling. My dog Lucy passed away in April. She was hit by a car as well. My son who just turned 3 asks for her all the time. It's heartbreaking. One thing that helps is knowing she is in a better place. She visited him 2 days after she died and told him that she is in heaven and she is happy and she doesn't hurt any more. A 2 year old can't make that stuff up.. :)

I know how sad you are. When a dog dies a natural death, one has time to get used to it. Dogs are like people in that they have many of the same diseases, slowly melting away. I grieve for you.
But one thing I would like to say. It is better that you are alive and Roxie dead, because if Roxie had lost you to death, her pain would be deeper. Dogs love more fully than many, perhaps most, humans,
And reading your experience upset me enough that my cat left his nap and came crying to me. He is purring loudly. He only purrs this loud if I have been away over night or when I am upset. not for many months.
You will never forget your friend, but there is one thing that can make the pain recede. Not today, I know, nor next week. Maybe not for months. But eventually, you will find a new companion.

Sorry, I feel your pain.

Your pain is very intense and I sympathize greatly. We have three dogs and we can't bare the thought of any of them passing. The pictures was really what got me so that is why am writing. I'm so sorry for your loss. My suggestion is continue writing and talking about your pain. The more you do the more you can grieve healthily. My deepest condolences.

Sorry for your loss. I truly understand what you are going through.

How tragic!!! :( I have three dogs and I can't bear the thought of losing any of them. I hate losing pets. I feel your pain. Sometimes it's best to get another dog. You won't be replacing Roxie but getting a new companion.
Roxie's cute by the way. Loved all the pics.

A Letter Roxie In Heaven

To my daddy,my best friend.
There are some things I'd like to say.
But first of all, I want to let you know, that I arrived okay.
I was met at the Rainbow Bridge by angels and many new and old friends.
I'm writing this from the Bridge. Here I dwell with God above.
Here there's no more tears of sadness. Here is just eternal love.
Please do not be unhappy just because I'm out of sight.
Remember that I am with you every morning, noon and night.
That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through,
God picked me up and hugged me and He said, "I welcome you."
It's good to have you back again, you were missed while you were gone.
God gave me a list of things, that he wished for me to do.
And foremost on the list, was to watch and care for you.
And when you lie in bed at night the day's chores put to flight,
God and I are closest to you... in the middle of the night.
When you think of my life on earth, and all those loving years,
because you are only human, they are bound to bring you tears.
But do not be afraid to cry: it does relieve the pain.
Remember there would be no flowers, unless there was some rain.
I wish that I could tell you all that God has planned.
If I were to tell you, you wouldn't understand.
But one thing is for certain, though my life on earth is o'er.
I'm closer to you now, than I ever was before.
There are rocky roads ahead of you and many hills to climb;
But together we can do it by taking one day at a time.
It was always my philosophy and I'd like it for you too;
That as you give unto the world, the world will give to you.
If you can help somebody who's in sorrow and pain;
Then you can say to God at night... "My day was not in vain."
And now I am contented... that my life was worthwhile.
Knowing as I passed along I made somebody smile.
God says: "If you meet somebody who is sad and feeling low;
Just lend a hand to pick him up, as on your way you go.
When you're walking down the street with me on your mind;
I'm walking in your footsteps only half a step behind."
"And when it's time for you to go... from that body to be free.
Remember you're not going... you're coming here to me."


<p>I am sorry to hear about your loss. I know how sad I will be when my dogs pass away. I love them. They are my children and bring me lots of joy. </p><p>I had a cat named Puff for 14 years before she passed. She had cancer. When she seemed to be suffering, I took her to the vet to be euthanized. I held her in my arms as she passed away. She is now in a decorative wood box with her photo on it. Her ashes sit beside a lovely card from her vet and her collar. </p><p>You made a great tribute to your buddy. She would be proud. You will always cherish your memories. </p><p>You will find a new "friend" and yes, it will help. You will always remember Roxie with love.</p>

Dont think I'm hard but get another dog quickly, that's the old advice on that one...
I cxan tell you from personal experience never to consider an animal as a person or place them in the same position as a member of the family. Keep some detachment and resist pouring all your emotions on them. Remember dogs live 10 - 12 years, humans maybe 80 years so remember it ' s not human. I thought my kids that idea about pets when they were growing up and so when the pets died, as they invariably did, there was not so much grief and outpouring of anguish. They still loved them as kids do but accepted easier their passing.

Such a beautiful love story!! I have always had dogs and know the pain of losing them. They are amazing creatures. But sometimes, a special one comes along and it sounds like Roxie was very special, and it will take some time but you will feel the pain lessen.

Another thing that struck me is that you seem to be a really good dog person. You know? Some people are just able to connect with dogs more than most, and from your story and photos it makes me think you're one of those special people. Maybe you should consider getting another dog - maybe not right now, but in a few months. I think you will find that, although Roxie will always be special to you, having a new puppy to love will fill some of that grief space.

Only tears for your loss Kristopher, such a sad way to die when she was so full of life still :'( I am so so sorry and I share your pain, we all do. Peace will come in time .... until then please take some comfort in knowing your darling girl is always with you, they never truly die as long as we keep them in our hearts. You will always love and miss her, that sweet darling face and those beautiful Angel kisses <3 Such beautiful photos to remember her but not the same as having and holding her I know only too well :( R.I.P. little Roxie ~ over the rainbow playing in Frisbee Heaven <3 God bless you both ...

My deepest condolences. I'm sorry for your loss, and especially that you had to lose her this way, without even a chance to say goodbye.
But I'm sure that, wherever she is now, she still loves you and watch over you, waiting for one day see you again and playing with the Frisbee together once again.

i am so sorry for you and your family...

Roxie looks like such a wonderful friend. I enjoyed going through the pictures and seeing all the love you gave her through her life. If you have the time, read the book, "A Dog's Purpose". It changed the whole way I thought about losing a dog. It's the most comfort I've ever had trying to cope with losing your best friend.

I just read this today. What a sweet tribute. I do hope you have found peace.

RIP Roxie. You were loved, and will be so missed. Hugs for Kristopher. XXX

Heartbreaking story. So sorry you lost your precious girl. I grieve with you. Once you love a pet and have it torn from your life~ no words just tears. Bless you. mini

Such a beautiful girl, man I feel your pain, I'm so sorry for your loss, I too lost my best friend 9yrs ago, twas also sudden, left me in shock for months, and here I am still gutted, I still miss him every day, he was my little man, my tears are flowing here for us both !! I have another dog now, she's a little angel, twas difficult at first and took a long time to adjust. I'm late to your post but I sincerely wish you well, your love is evident, I hope you've since managed to find some peace ~ sleep well Roxie, lost too soon. x <br />
<br />
I Loved You Best-Jim Willis 2002 <br />
<br />
So this is where we part, My Friend, <br />
and you'll run on, around the bend, <br />
gone from sight, but not from mind, <br />
new pleasures there you'll surely find. <br />
I will go on, I'll find the strength, <br />
life measures quality, not its length. <br />
One long embrace before you leave, <br />
share one last look, before I grieve. <br />
There are others, that much is true, <br />
but they be they, and they aren't you. <br />
And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought, <br />
will remember well all you've taught. <br />
Your place I'll hold, you will be missed, <br />
the fur I stroked, the nose I kissed. <br />
And as you journey to your final rest, <br />
take with you this...I loved you best. <3

My heart goes out to you. I understand The there is a whole in your heart that needs to heal and that can only be done with your memories and time. I lost my parrot "Foster" almost ten yrs ago and tried to replace the pain with another bird. Trust me this did not work. It was way too soon. I will be looseing another best friend in the near future and I don't know how I will go on without my boy Jake! He is a blue Healer Australian Cattle dog and my best mate. My prayers are with you and in time you can give joy to another. Maybe a rescue. One that needs you as much as you need it. Thank God for these precious lives we are blessed with if only for a short time.

I read your story of roxies wonderful life, and then the rainbow bridge story, and i am crying as if she were my dog. I am so so so very sorry for this. I hope the pain lessens for you my friend.

This completely made me cry. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. We have four babies of our own, and they truly are like children. I am grateful for you sharing Roxie with us; and I know she was grateful to have you as a daddy. I wish there was more I could say... Thinking of you.<br />
<br />

Its hard lossing a pet. I still miss the cat i had for sixteen years.

So sorry to hear of your loss. My husband and I lost a little 4 lb Poodle 5 years ago. We loved him more than some of our kids lol. He had a high vocabulary. I know it doesn't seem possible now, but this pain you are feeling will lessen in time. We talk about our little guy every day. Bless you.

So moving. My daughter had a pet rabbit named Marshmellow and when Marshmellow died I cried along with my daughter so I sort of understand. We got another rabbit and I pray you will get another dog.

Incredibly wonderful pictures!

I'm so sorry dog is mans best friend :(

I'm soo sorry.I know how it feels. My dog Jake passed away a while ago. Well at least you and your dog had some good times together.

The picture of her in the box in AWESOME! I am deeply sorry for your loss. With many pets myself, I know how devastating it can be when one passes.

I never want to have to see the day when my dog dies. Roxie was adorable! Dogs are awesome because of there unconditional love !

What an absolutely horrible tragedy. I'm very sorry for your loss.

I'm truly sorry for your loss. <br />
<br />
Roxie is in a better place now and you gave her the best life she could have by having her with you.<br />
<br />
I'm sitting here crying right now after reading your post, because not long ago I lost my dog.

Sorry to hear about your loss. :-(<br />
<br />
It can be hard to deal with the loss of a pet. I know I have had several pass away during the course of my life.<br />
<br />
The most recent passing was of my dog Casey in 2007. Were still not exactly sure why he had passed away, but the vet said he had liver failure.<br />
<br />
I miss the time I spent with him, and I feel bad that we had taken him to the vet to die basically. I guess I was hoping that he would be okay, and I didn't think he would have passed away by morning time. <br />
<br />
It took me a long time to get over the fact that this happened, and I felt especially bad that I didn't really get to say goodbye properly to him because I didn't think it would be the last time I would see him. I cried for months.<br />
<br />
I felt especially bad that I didn't spend enough time with him. Instead I would go and hang out at my friends place, and he would follow me down the driveway, and when I told him to go back up, he looked really sad, and that has bothered me for some time now. I wish I had spent much more time with him.<br />
<br />
If I knew he was going to pass much sooner than I thought, I would have spent much more time with him.<br />
<br />
I read stories of people who had heard footsteps, and whatnot, which lead them to believe that their dog was still with them in spirit.<br />
<br />
I have yet to notice anything that would show me that he is still with me, but I believe he is, maybe I'm just not as connected to the spirit world as some people are.<br />
<br />
We have another dog now, and she is very friendly.<br />
<br />
She seems so peaceful, and maybe she is an Angel incarnated, because I had been wanting an Angel lately... I don't know.<br />
<br />
I hope you can move on sooner than I did, I know it's hard to, but just read a lot of stories about pets and the afterlife and maybe it will give you some comfort knowing that your dog is still with you, even if you can't see him.<br />
<br />
Take care.

This is a beautiful story. I'm so sorry for what happened. My cat Lex was hit by a car last year but I managed to rescue him, but the pain that was in my heart when I saw his poor little body. I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose such a great pet. She looked like such a lively companion too. I'm sure she is smiling down at you from Dog Heaven :)<br />
Bec xx

Thank you for your love! nothing will replace your Roxy nor should it. Loosing a pet is like loosing a loved one, our pets mean so much to us, as they should. I'm sorry for your loss and happy that you had the joy you had given to you by the very precious Roxy. Peace be with you. Roxy knows that you loved her and she will wait for you at the rainbow bridge

I'm sorry you lost your dog I also have a dog and I'd be crushed if my girl died and I know that she's getting older so she could die soon I've had her sins second grade now I'm in 9th and this story made me cry your poor baby

Lovely photos of a fine dog and her master. We have good dogs,too. <br />
I hope the grief has subsided by now, we have to grieve over our losses so we can recover from them. <br />
<br />
All the best, Kristopher

man this story mad me sad.... my condolences dear friend

man this story mad me sad.... my condolences dear friend

I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is like having a family member die. No words will make you feel any better. Enjoy the memories. He'll always be with you in spirit!

This made me cry, I can't imagine losing my dog...he means everything to me. I'm so sorry for your loss :'(

I've got tears in my eyes, too. I miss my pets that I've lost more than believable. Continue what you're doing, by writing this memorial, with pictures... Just like anything, your mind and memory fades. I made a journal about my kitty Gus, hit by a car, at 9 months. Those sweet, tiny details, if you can reread them, bring back the joy, you shared together. Your sweet little dog is free now, and rest easy knowing, that his love was forever!! Tearing up again. It is we, as humans, who have the blessing of sharing our lives with these animals, as short as it can seem, whether its 6 months, or 20 years...they love us completely, and we them, if we let ourselves!

I don't usually read stories but I somehow got bumped to it when I logged in. That totally sucks especially that you witnessed the dog getting hit. I saw one of the neighborhood cats get ran over and I'm still tramatized by it cuz it was still alive. Horrifying. That dog looks like a Silky Terrier maybe? Looks jst like one me and a g-friend had a long time ago. .

My heart is breaking for you. I had a little bulldog pup named Spike. He ran outside when I opened the front door, straight into the street, and in to the path of an oncoming car. Spike was gone in an instant. I cried and cried, and we'd only had Spike a few days. Losing a pet like this is a shock. I am glad for the memory, and one picture I have of Spike. You enjoyed Roxie, and the pictures show you had tons of love for her. Hold fast the memories! I really am crying my eyes out and my chest is hurting. I do not know you, but I feel your pain in every sentence of this story. My dear friend, I am just so grieved for you. I am thinking about the only pet I have left. She's a lazy lab mix, who I've had for quite some time. She is getting old, her muzzle is grey, I think she has arthritis, and she's just so lethargic. She used to kill squeaky toys, just like your Roxie. I can tell she is not going to be here forever, I am not even sure how much longer. It is pure tragedy that your dog was taken away from you without even a warning. Life is so cruel sometimes. I just hope I can show Midnite how much I truly love her before it's too late for me. I am annoyed by the clawing at the door, and how all she does is eat and sleep...but that's all there is for her to do...I am at school most of the time and my dad works late hours. Bless her heart, I am feeling so guilty and like the worst person in the world. You truly do not know what you have until it's too late. Thank you, dear friend for opening my eyes.

I am about to cry. I am so sorry about Roxie. I know how you feel. I lost my chihuahua of 15 years that was like my child. I can't have kids, so it was the most heartbreaking thing in the world for me. I have her tattooed on my leg because I still wanted her with me. I can only tell you that the pain gets better over time, but nothing is as hard as losing a best friend like that. Someone who knows you so well, a friend who listens to you complain and loves you regardless. A pet is a creature that loves you unconditionally and is always by your side. Through the good and the bad, they remain as forever loyal companions. Just know, Roxie is in a better place now. I truly can promise you, the pain eases with time, but you will never forget the memories, or completely forget. How can you!?<br />
<br />
It will be 6 years since my Mona left me on March 11, 2006...and I still cry on that day.<br />
<br />
I sympathize, and send you a great big cyber hug. Many blessings and fair travels.<br />
Love<br />

I'm so sorry. I've felt this kind of pain before. But it seems like you and Roxie were both very lucky to have each other in your lives. I'm sure she knew how much she was loved. You wrote a very touching tribute that made me both cry and laugh - my dog also gives the side-eye when the word "bath" is mentioned. Hang in there, man.

I was crying when i read about your little Roxie she was such a cute dog, she brought so much happiness to your life i smiled when i looked at photos you had taken of her as she was a natural in front of the camera her character came through.<br />
Allthough she is no longer with you you will have her forever in your memory animals especially dogs can sometimes feel like a family member, i remember my dog she felt like a little sister to me, she even took some blows on her back when i got attacked and although shes gone i still remember her and it hurts that my mum and dad got her put down when i wasnt present, id have prefered a little funeral with lots of flowers and her to be buried in the garden but it never happened, she wasnt given that respect as they just saw her as "The Dog" full stop. <br />
but id just like to finish by saying sorry to hear about the loss of your dear Roxie and thankyou for sharing this story and

I am really so sorry for your loss.<br />
We had to put our Sir Toby down our sausage dog who was like a child, best friend and comforter us. I can't bring myself to get another dog as it won't take the place of little Toby, I called him baby and my husband called him woogy or boy. He use to sleep in our bed with us and I am just not getting over it as the house is so quiet and the chair too big without him in it with me. I think of the times I was irritated with him for barking but he was only protecting me. The last 3 days when I sat all day with him on the couch and my husband slept there with him as his legs gave in and he was incontinent. He looked at us as if to ask what was happening and it broke our hearts the kindst thing to do was put him down so he wouldn't suffer. Goodbye baby rest in peace I love and miss u so much.

I'm so sorry to hear about your lost, Roxie had became a part of you and she was a beautiful dog.

Your love for your dog is amazing. I have 4 of my own, that I love like the were my kids! Keep all the good memories, she will forever be with you!

If I may make an offer. My female dog is having puppies soon we hope and well if you would like I would gladly give you one.... I mean a free pure bred just because I know your pain. If you are up to it or interested let me know and we can work something out ok?

Losing a pet is one of the hardest things. <br />
I'm so sorry. And R.I.P Roxie...<br />
<br />
:( <br />
<br />
<br />
Ps. She was so freaking cute.

I love Roxie just by hearing about her! It hurts me that you've lost such a wonderful pet before it was time for her to go. Strength and Love.

i am so very sorry for such a loss. tht dog wasthe cutest dog ever. i appreciated those words. hang in there darlin

Terribly sorry for your loss. Pets are wonderful and so lovingly devoted. It shows that you two were inseparable. Hope shes loving all the hydrants in the sky. Cheers man.

sorry to hear ur loss..<br /><br />
Be strong..

So sweet. Stay strong xxx

rip roxie :'( my deepest condolence .<br />
i know how it felt like. i lost my Bruno last year and i was not around when he was gone. I cried a lot when i saw he was already dead. He is the best dog ever, i love him my all my heart

oh, i'm so sorry for you!!!:'(

Hugs. Sob. Just brought back all the grief from when Topper died of old age. Had other dogs since, but there was only one Topper. She would hate to know I still haven't gotten over her death 12years later. Hang in there. You were so lucky, like me, to have had that experience of intelligent enthusiastic unconditional love. So many people never get to feel it. And I now know it can probably never be replicated.

I see your post is older. When I saw your post I almost threw up; I lost my dog Roxie two and half years ago. I still see her in my dreams and when I wake up I feel broken and lost. I am 44 years old; not a silly woman, not a weak woman, maybe even a little hard, but my God,, how I still need her so. She was the reason I was not a single parent, she guarded, gave me her opinion on people and protected my daughter with a full deep devotional love. I need her so.

I am so terribly sorry...<br />
It's devasting and so hard loosing your fur baby anytime but, especially around the holidays.<br />
It's a thousand times worse, my heart beaks for you and your other sweet pets. Roxie was beautiful, precious and so sweet looking. I am so terribly sorry. This makes my heart, hurt and break for you.<br />
please, know I care and you have so many who care on here and here for you.<br />
((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))) cryingbrrook.

I love my pets Cleo a Yellow lab, and Stevie, a grey hound. That's why I keep them on a leash! I'm sorry for your loss... But...!!!! isn't it obvious?!

Your loss has brought tiers to my eyes..Thank you so much for shareing the love and life<br />
you and Roxie shared..What a beautiful being she was..Bless you both.<br />

My present dog I got when they were about 10 years old. The rescue place said it was 8 years old and had wanted a home for two years. It is now 19 years old.You can never replace your dog.I suggest you go to a rescue centre for dogs. See if one attracts you. you dont have to get one. However Dont shut out the possibility. Your dog loves you greatly and wants you to be happy. What would your dog want for you ?? ask yourself that important question

That was so sad, such a heartbreaking story, it sounds like she was so lucky. It makes it even sadder to think how some just throw such loyal friends aside like this. My only hope is that you will offer this chance to one who has been abandoned. I have thought of this too when my old Balto is gone, going to the pound and asking to adopt one that is about to be put down because no one will take them. It won't bring our friends back, but it will save one from dying alone and unloved

I am so sorry to read your story, I lost my dog 4 years ago and I still miss him every single day. x

I'm so sorry. (((Hugs)))

Awwwe! I had A dog that looked just like her,except he was A boy. I recently lost A pet cat with similer attributes to your beloved little dog. Her name was Molly. I still feel so guilty for letting her out the night she was killed by A pack of wild dogs. I can't blame the dogs either of course,but I share some partial responsibilities with the humans who have allowed them to get this way. Your story was beautiful,and I wish you the best of the best. Anyone who can love A dog that way has got my vote. Peace.

I'm so sorry, I love dogs

I'm sorry for your loss, Kristofer! It's tough losing a pet. Roxie sounded like a great dog..and a beautiful and loyal companion. Thanks for a moving story. I can identify with losing a pet and how it feels, because my 20 year old pet Noble Macaw, McGee, passed away a year ago last February, due to unknown causes. Although I've now got a beautiful female Congo African Grey Parrot named Aziza who talks and whistles up a storm, evokes lots of laughter and is delightful all around, the memories of McGee are still somewhat fresh.

I'm so sorry for you! Roxie is fine and waiting happily. To have known and appreciated such love is a gift you were given. <br />
<br />
Be patient with your grief. <br />
<br />
When the time is right, love another honor of Roxie.

OMG i actually felt like crying, im so sorry for ur loss :( wow i actually have a tiny bit of tears in my eyes, roxie was SOOOO cute she will have fun in doggie heaven ^_^

I'm very sorry, that's really sad. My cat that I had for 19 years died last spring and I still miss her little face in the window whenever I came home. It gets easier but you will probably always miss your cute little dog.

Omg. Reading this made me bawl my eyes out. I'm so sorry for your loss. That must've been a horrible thing to not have your doggy next to you anymore.. T_T

I'm so sorry that you have lost your beloved pet, your friend. If only every owner had at least half the heart you do, there's be a lot of very happy pets out there. I wish you swift healing from your grief.

I am sorry to hear of your beloved Roxie. My heart goes out to you.

so very sorry!

I am so sorry for the loss of your best, and devoted friend! I can feel your pain. <br />
We have two wonderful dogs, so I know the bond that forms. Nothing, or nobody<br />
can break it. Know you will be with her again one day. In the mean time Roxie, is <br />
in peace and playing with other dogs, having a wonderful time in Doggy Heaven.<br />
This was great of you to share her with us on EP. Thank you very much!!

this is so sad it brought me to tears! ur dog was so cute. i had a 13 year old dog. the best dog ive ever had! we had to put her down this past summer bez she had lung cancer

So sorry for your loss of a family member.<br />

This made me cry so hard :( So sorry

Iam very sorry for ur lose I hope ur doing much better now nd that time has helped u heal wish u the best

Roxie looks like the best friend a guy could ask for. She is beautiful and seems like she had a beautiful spirit too. Nothing hurts like losing your best friend, and so suddenly. Know that she is in doggie heaven, with my angel Roo who was also taken by a car at the young age of 3. Hang in there, and hang onto all the beautiful memories you had with her.<br />

The penultimate image... makes my heart bleed.<br />
Sorry for the loss :(

Roxie was so cute and sounds like the sweetest dog in the world.I'm sorry for your loss. You can be proud that you gave her such a good life, with all the love she needed. I still miss my Laddie. He used to climb under the covers and lick my feet until he fell asleep with his jaw on them. Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo essay. You are very talented. I feel blessed to have seen this.:)

was that dog ******** in the sink yuk ... but sorry for ya loss