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Goodbye Roxie :( I Bet Frisbee Heaven Is Awesome.

yesterday afternoon our Roxie was hit by a car. I screamed for her to stop but she didnt make it. She was the best dog ever. I miss her so much already. I never thought losing my best friend would come so soon. It hurts so much.

She always brought me the frisbee along with kisses and a smile. And would be more excited than the last time, every instance I came home.

our cat hobs was/is nervous. she wanders around meowing.

Its the quietest morning ever. I'd give anything to hear roxies little claws on the hardwood floor. It was something that annoyed me so much because it meant she needed to go outside.

I just wish I would have known that yesterday was it. I would have spent extra special time with her. We played a little yesterday morning on the bed. rolling around and just playing. She loved it so much. She never would bite.

I would run out of the room and kneel on the ground with my face really close to the carpet. Roxie would get her tummy really close to the carpet and slink as fast as she could like that right to me. She'd get right under my face as fast as she could on her back. Then we'd run around the house till I was out of breath. I'd hide under the blankets, or in the closet. She always found me eventually. She was sooooo excited when she found me.

She wasn't the most amazing catch at frisbee, but she did catch it sometimes. Everytime I got so excited. It was the best to watch her pick up the frisbee upside down. It would flip up over her eyes and she would have to run sideways to come to me. I dont think she wanted to set it down for fear it would get away before she could get it to me.

I didnt even have to tell her to "drop it" when she brought stuff to me. She would just lovingly put it in my lap. or throw it to me the best way she could.

her "ready" stance was amazing. If I told her to sit before I threw the ball she would just lower her butt a little bit in a total fake sit. her ears would go up and she would get this fiery intense "dont worry dad, I got this...just throw it" look on her face. And of course, she would bring it back...every time. Every time. although she definitely would stop to "kill it" on her way. I threw the frisbee alone yesterday without her. Crushed me.

Roxie was far more than a pet to me. She was my family. Simply ingrained in our every day lives, and so much a part of daily life and routine, that the house seems intensely vacant without her.

I miss her claws on the floor.
I miss her coming when I call.
I miss going OM NOM NOM NOM to her, as permission for her to give me kisses.
I miss playing frisbee with her.
I miss how she would throw the ball to herself when I didn't feel like playing anymore.
I miss having someone unequivocally in love with me.
I miss her loyalty.
I miss her selflessness.
I miss how she would lay on my feet when I was at my desk.
I miss how she would sulk and look at me out of the corner of my eye when I asked if she wanted a bath or not.
I miss how she would pick up her can of food and go hide it under my desk.
I miss how every squeaker in a toy was a #1 priority to kill.
I miss how once the squeaker was dead, the ball made this odd sound. I miss that sound so much
I miss my reading buddy. She would always lay on my book and stare at me. I would read as much as I could on the page I was on, and move her head. she'd be back there momentarily, seeking affection.

I miss taking roxie for rides. I dont think she liked anything more...

I miss my garage buddy.

I miss how when I would get home, she'd jump up to chest level and I would catch her. She'd kiss me, then struggle like crazy to get away to go do the same thing to Jes. Then, she'd jump in my arms again, until she didn't have any energy anymore.
I miss being away from home, with no desire greater than to get home and see Roxie, knowing how excited she would be. Driving through wisconsin knowing that when I got home, I would get to play frisbee with my dog.

Dogs are amazing. She loved me without motive. During the brief time she was here, she made me incredibly happy. I will miss her so much. I suppose when you love something so much, when that something is gone, it just hurts all the more. She is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I am still incredibly crushed with grief.

roxie and franky were best buds...

she tolerated haircuts, but hated baths.

she killed the octopus in like 45 minutes.



Kristopher820 Kristopher820 26-30 197 Responses Jun 21, 2010

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Oh sweetheart... I know exactly what you're going through. Trust me. I've had to deal with alot of beloved pets die. But, when my Tara passed away in May 2005'... it really affected me.<br />
I swear I started having panic attacks.<br />
I couldnt breathe. Couldn't sleep. Couldn't think.<br />
It was like a drak clous settled over my entire world.<br />
<br />
Tara was a full blood German Shep. Blk & tan. Bit chunky in her old age~ :)<br />
She was bought for me when I was 9 yrs old. She died a few months before my 22nd b-day.<br />
I grew up with her at my side.<br />
I hardly have any memories of my childhood & teen yrs that don't include Tara.<br />
<br />
I knew she was getting old. That she couldnt live forever... but her death was so sudden!<br />
The night before she passed I was feeding her some ham. Lovin up on her.<br />
The next morning... my father found her dead. :( :( :( :(<br />
It devastated us all and literally sent shock waves throughout our home.<br />
We did everything with Tara.<br />
Took her hiking, fishing, car rides in the country. I even took her on a school field trip in 5th grade.<br />
Everyone loved her.. she was just so gentle. Loyal. Regal. Calm. Dependable.<br />
<br />
When I got a bit older, I got a job at lil market 'round the block, I talked my boss into letting me bring Tara with me to work sometimes.<br />
The shop would close late at night, so I felt safer with her there.<br />
<br />
Some of her favs were vanilla ice cream, pork chops, ham, "herding" the cats around the house, taking walks, and sticking her head out the window on those long car rides home.<br />
<br />
But she was also a bit of a chicken~ :P<br />
She was totally freaked out by little dogs! We never could figure out why~<br />
Other stuff that flipped her was - Halloween masks, the vaccum cleaner & the sound of a water bottle. (Like air-freshener bottles that squirt.)<br />
She wouldnt really go mad-crazy round those things.... but she would sometimes bust open my bedroom door & jump up on my bed with a "OMG! I'm totally buggin" look on her face. :)<br />
<br />
Another funny thing bout Tara was she *always* knew when we were talking bout her. :D<br />
I swear she'd turn & give us the snotiest look if we laughing at something silly she did!!!<br />
<br />
She ALWAYS knew when I was sad. Or sick. I got sick ALOT when I was a kid.<br />
It was My Tara who kissed away my tears, and laid at the side of my bed through the countless hours that I would cough & cough.<br />
Just a.... Very Very VERY intelligent, trustworthy creature indeed. <3<br />
<br />
I have pics of Tara & a Pet Memorial set up for her in my profile on here.<br />
I'd post her photo in my comment, but I dont know how.. (?)<br />
<br />
Ok... I rambled a bit here~ lol - sorry, Hun. <3<br />
<br />
I am so so so so very sorry for your loss. :(<br />
Try to take it day by day. Breathe & relax.<br />
Try to remind yourself (like I had to) that we almost always out-live our pets.<br />
<br />
I believe this is why dogs are put here : For us to bond with.... Love, trust, enjoy.<br />
They're our teachers, our buddies, our confessers.. our protectors.<br />
Who could ask for more in a friend?<br />
<br />
Then like a bright shooting star... they pass us by.<br />
<br />
Yet, worry not.... those beautiful shooting stars are bundled up, all warm & cozy.<br />
Waiting patiently for us to finally come home.. >Hugs<<<br />
~ Amy ~

I'm truly sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose a best friend and just the same I know no amount of condolences makes the pain go away. The memories you have will be what ultimately heals the pain your feeling now.

Kristopher I am sorry for your loss. You are a gifted writer. It was a great writing to read. EP had it on the front page b 4 logging in. My wife and I lost a Sheltie in 2003 and missed him so much we got another one in 2004. He is now 7 years old and still full of life. We had a void in our lives w/o our dog. Depending on your living situation, plans for the future etc. you might want another dog. Again, very sorry for your loss.

I am so so sorry for your loss of your beloved friend and pet. <br />
I recently, just on the 13th, had to have my beloved dog put to sleep. He ws 14 years old and the arthritis was really tearing him up. Bless his heart. He just wasn't himself the last few days. I held onto him as long as I could, but for about the last 6 months I knew I would have to make the decision very soon. <br />
I am so heartbroken and miss him so much. He was so sweet. I had him cremated and have the ashes back now, and they sent them to me in a beautiful little wooden box with the Rainbow Bridge Poem. If there is a God in heaven I know one day He will allow me to be with my beloved pets again.

I'm so sorry for the terrible loss of your best friend and companion, your beloved Roxie. =''(

Oh I'm so sorry for your loss.I had a friend like yours growing up.My bull terrier Trump went everywhere with me,he protected him,played with me.When he died we buried him in the garden.He's still there.Its been over 30 years but I still cherish the memories.You will too.Cuddle your cat she sounds pretty sad to have lost her buddy.Good luck and a big hug.

soo sorry to hear about your best friend... i could imagine how you felt right now... i am so sad about knowing thins... but please don't lose hope... and be happy wherever she is right now.. i am so sure she's happy dog now... move on! and cheer up... life must go on... <br />
<br />
so smile now :-)<br />
she'll be happy and peaceful if she seen you happy too..<br />
there will be tomorrow...

Roxie is a wonderful dog. My Mollydog was hit by a car. Like you, I was home when the tragedy occurred. Maybe Roxie and Molly are playing together now. Your pain touched that special nerve in my heart. Thank you for sharing.

When I first read your story i felt so sad so sorry for your lost. I have a wonderful dog which is part of my family forever, for eternity. I can't imagine my beloved dog leaving me. And writing this comment made me cry on my dogs head. Thank you for sharing ;(

I'm really sorry.. :/ I know that words doesn't mean anythin when you loose someone,but hah..Jus wanted to say that cause your story made me think about my doggie death again..just remembered everything..:/ miss her.<br />
And R.I.P Roxie.

Literally sitting at my desk here crying. Love your collection of pictures. I've had my dog Bush for something like 11 of her 13 years, and I don't have nearly that many pictures. Time to go home and take some. She was hit by a car two years ago, but survived. My heart goes out to you.

I am soooo sorry to read this, you have me crying as well. The photos show so much love, it just breaks my heart. I'm sorry for your loss. She was beautiful

You have so may beautiful photos of Roxie - I'm sorry for your loss! She had a good life because you loved her so much! Judy

This is really sad and I am insanely sorry for your loss. Once I got down to the pictures I just started to cry and I still have some tears writing this. I could imagine the pain you are going through, when I was younger I had to give my dog away and I just could not stop crying, it was the worst pain ever. Dogs can make you the happiest person ever, and remember one day you will see your dog again, thank you for sharing this story.

I am so sorry for your loss; you have my hearfelt condolences!<br />
<br />
She sounds like she was a wonderful, sweet, loving dog!

wow what a special kind of dog and owner i'm so sorry to hear about your loss. at least you spent such good memories and have pictures to share i hope you can just remember the good times..

This was absolutely heartbreaking! :(<br />
<br />
I am so sorry for your loss! It's so hard to lose a member of the family so tragically...<br />
<br />
It sure looks like you have some great memories with your little girl though! As long as you have those, you'll always have her!

You make me cry...My sister lost her puppy. She was completely torn up and thought that she didn't want another one. It was actually hard for her to function at work. But she finally got one and it helped by distracting her. She said she would never love it the same but eventually if filled the void and she loves it differently, and perhaps equally. You need something to fill the void, believe me, it will help. <br />
Prayers for you tonight.

I'm in tears!<br />
I haven't finished reading...I will come back to read to the end...right now I just can't!<br />
I share your pain! I know what it's like to lose a furbaby/best friend!<br />
<br />
I'm so deeply sorry for your loss!<br />

hey im really sorry :'( my cousin just lost her dog too in the same way a few days ago and her name was roxie too.<br />
i hope you feel better!

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of such a precious and loving companion. If the driver of the car that hit Roxie is anything like myself, I'm sure they are equally remorseful for not being able to avoind the impact. I once was traveling down a main street inFL, and a beautiful golden ran from behind the bushes into the street. I tried hard to stop my pickup but the vehicle was too heavy and couldn't stop in time. I stopped immediately hoping I didn't kill her. The master came over and told me that she was dead. I was so sad for him as he told me she got away as they were packing up the car to leave. As I finished expressing my condolences, and walked back to my truck, I saw a little girl run from the house toward the dog. At that moment my heart really sank, and it still makes me wheepy now. My prayers go out to you. I know how much we love our pets and the unconditional love they give us.

This brought tears to my eyes...I can't ever imagine losing my little dog :(. I'm so sorry for your loss man. I'm here if you need someone to talk to bro. :(

aaaw ...poor baby<br />
She was so cute

Oh my god, Roxie was adorable. I feel for you deeply as I have a dog of my own and I have no idea how I'd live without her. I love dogs so much. Your in my thoughts & prayers as well as Roxie is.<br />

I find it so touching to see how much tender care the pet gets and how much the pet brightens life giving unending love to treasure.

Extremely sad story, Kristopher. Hope things have gotten better for you in the past 13-14 months. I cannot imagine losing my dog; she's my family and best friend. Peace

My little Luna died tonight and your words made me cry but they made me feel better too thanks for posting this ;)

I am sorry for you loss! :( My dog is my best friend too. I met him the day he was born and just knew that he was the dog for me. Everyday I would visit him until i was able to take him home. He always wanted to play with me and be with me. To this day he still follows, and he always wants to be by my side. It is truly a special bond that I cannot share with anyone else. About a year ago I moved out of my mom's house (at 18), and I left my dog, my best friend, at my moms. I would take him with me if I could, but I can't. My mom tells me that he sits in the window all day and waits for me to come and visit. I visit frequently and it's always a joy to see him so excited to see me. It's always hard to leave.<br />
<br />
I know that bond. I'm sorry that you lost your best friend!

I am so, so sorry for your loss. Roxie looks like such a lovely dog. I recently lost my dog too, and I know how difficult this can be. I know you will treasure your memories with Roxie. She was lucky to have you while she was here. Again, I am really sorry for your loss.

Really great tribute to a wonderful pet and friend.