The Sky Was Crying

today i was at the fire station were my dad works i love being there so much my friend got off the phone with a woman who hit a dog the owner was in the back seat holding the dog we tried to tell them on the phone we couldnt do any thing a minuet latter a car pulled up and a woman steped out we tried to tell the we couldnt do much
she asked if we had a stretcher we didnt
we went to hook up the dog to oxeygen thats all we could do the owne started screaming callie breath breath it was raining really hard one of the guys said he was gone my heart sank i started crying the guy swore at the person who hit his dog who drove him to our station after the dog died it went from raining to verry sunny it was verry sad
firematt21 firematt21
1 Response Jul 18, 2010

my verry sad storry