8-16-2009 Her Dog Not Mine...

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She was old

and now she is moved on.

In working yesterday we had all three dogs running around about noon I was in the house and I had let the dogs out to potty. Penny being the priss that she is wanted back into the house and since all of the kids were outside she couldn't get back in right away. About 1:30 pm she was let back in and when I came in at 2 and started cleaning up the house I went into the boys room to find her under their bed.

She didn't move when I started picking up which is not uncommon but there was something odd about her, she didn't stir, wasn't breathing. I moved her and she just was there.

She was dead from a possible heart attack or it was just her time.

The kids didn't know what to do, the older ones were crying and my oldest autistic boy keep asking what was wrong with her, he loved her and she loved him, the two spent several nights together she helped him calm down and not stem so much, so he moved her into his bed thinking she was just sleeping.

Our other two dogs knew something was up, Noel came and sniffed and licked her ears then just kind of moved off, Val had sniffed her too and nudged her then went into my wifes closet and laid down.

I was torn as to what to do next, do I tell my wife while she is still at work? I am sure as hell not going to txt it to her. Or do I wait for her to get off work in 30 minutes and put her in a box and set her off to the side.

I decided that she needed to know and not find out when she walked through the door and go to pieces in the midist of the kids and noise that comes out of that.

She saw something was up when I walked in and asked her if she could leave now, she asked what is up, I told her that I found Penny dead not 15 minutes ago. She broke down in Walmart and I got her home.

It was one of those damned either way situations either at work, or wait and have it happen at home with kids jumping on her while she is tryign to deal with it.

We got home and she was able to say good bye to her and now she asks the question of what does she do now? After having her around for 15/16 years what now? How does she relax at the end of a long day? How will she be able to.....................................

My wife picked out a spot to bury her under a oak tree where she can be seen out our front window and so my wife will know where she is when she looks out the window at her.

I would like to get her another puppy like Penny again but when is up to her and only she can say when or if.

She is still crying on and off, the older kids are upset and the younger ones are not fully understanding.

It is the next day now and she has left for work still sad and crying.

It is hard when you loose a loyal pet and friend like that not to morn their passing.
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I too lost a loyal friend her name was Lucy. I read something somewhere that made me cry but was so true. The best place to bury a beloved pet is in your heart! Here's to you Lucy missing you more as time passes!