Roscoe's Home

I took a stray pit bull mix to the pound last week.  They called me this morning and said they would be putting him to sleep at 7:00 p.m. and if I wanted to come get him, then I could.  My parents and grandparents would yell and complain if I went back for him. But then I thought about letting him go at a popular place I know about with lots of people. I thought about it for a second, and then told the woman no. I felt horrible, I can't believe I sent Roscoe to his death.  A couple of minutes later I jumped up and got into the car and started my 50 mile trip.  I made it about half way before I pulled over to think. My mind was running in circles. What should I do.  I finally decided the best thing to do would be just to go home.  I should try to get this job I've been working on, get myself straight before I start trying to save animals.  I realized the problem isn't just this one dog Roscoe that I was attached to, but thousands of dogs that are being euthanized that I could just as easily be attached to.  I can become a foster dog owner, make donations, my sister has a dog now that she is holding until I can get a job. I need to just try to save the ones that I can,  but this gives me a strong feeling inside to help other dogs in the future.  It was today that I realized what a problem the unwanted dog population is.

The only thing that can bring me some comfort is that I know Roscoe had a home for a week.  He acted as if he had never had one before, but with me he did.  He had his own collar, a food bowl and water bowl. He walked around the yard free of his own will, not wanting to leave his home anytime soon. I showed him love and affection before he died. If Roscoe could hear me now, I'd say sorry Roscoe, you would of made a great pet if given the chance, but things just don't work out for all of us..... :*(. I hope you go easy. and remember, I Iove you, and you did have a purpose in this world.  I was trying to help you, but in the end, you ended up helping me, you gave me more purpose in my life.

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6 Responses Aug 22, 2011

Whywould you take him to pound then turn your back on him? you could have tried to find him home for while.Your famuily would get over it.Sorry no excuse.

I know I'm a horrible person

There had to have been a better way ,for you an the dog ,you took the low road an for that I feel sorry for you ,for you wil never forget the wrong you have done .

to take the low road i would have ran him off in the first place. So he could have got hit by a car :/ my bad for caring, my bad for going out of my way, and my bad for trying to help. I have 3 strays now.

I lost my dog Roscoe a few days ago. A much different story though. He was a tiny "Little Guy" and we had him about 3 years. He was 11+ years old and still quite spry. But he found a comfortable spot in the yard a few nights ago and just drifted off. Thank you that you shared your story and had a place for me to share mine. This is the 2nd Roscoe I burried in my lifetime. He wasn't the best dog I ever had, but whether you have them for 3 years or a week, they're automatically family while they're with you...aren't they.

they sure are :}. Im sure your roscoe was very happy with you.

When I lost my best friend they gave me a poem called rainbo bridge ,I hope that there is a place an that one day we will be together, Take hope in the fact though he's not here in infront of you ,he wil always be in your heart .

Poor animal... : (

ikr, we suspect someone through him out at the flea market across the road.

That's bad.. but i believe a creature is a creature and must not be spared like that... not happy.. : (

How sweet and caring of you to think of Roscoe. The best you did giving love and care .