My Little Dog Was Killed By A Car Last Night

My precious boy Coco was killed last night at approximately 9:50pm. He was a miniature pinscher. We live in a quiet neighborhood, so why someone was out at 10pm on a sunday night on my street is beyond me. I didn't see it, thank god, but my mother did. She said they didn't even slow down. Not before or after. They kept going like nothing. For gods sake, i break for squirrels when they run out in front of my car. Coco was only 10 pounds, so he died instantly. I feel horrible. This is the first time i dont go out after him, and he gets killed. He's escaped so many times, i figured he'll be backin a few minutes like always. He was hit coming back home. He died being a good boy. His birthday is the same day as mine, November 4. He was going to be 12. I feel terribly guilty. Why didn't i go after you? Why? I will nevef be able to forget my father sobbing. I have never seen him cry, and he was wailing. The image of his limp body in my moms arms will always be with me. We buried him immediately. It wasn't until my mom pointed it out that i realized i was barefoot and had his blood all over my shirt. I didn't even feel it. All i felt was my boy's limp body in my arms. I must have said im so sorry coco over a hundred times. I woke up today saying it. You were taken from me in one second. 11 years gone in one second. The crazy thing is i didnt want to take off my clothes. His blood was all i had left of him. Am i a sick person for not throwing them out? I Cant. I put them in a box in the back of my closet. I just can't throw them out. They're all that's left of my coco. MY coquito. Im sorry boy. Im sorry i didnt go after you. Im sorry we wont be able to celebrate our birthday. I'm sorry boy. Please rest in peace, and keep duke and rocky company.
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Sorry for your loss.i know how painful it is to lost a pet you made so beautiful memories whit,cherish these memories and stop blaming yourself, it wont bring your coco back, you will only feel even more sad..

I feel your pain. My Baby girl Chihuahua Lyla who was 3 years old ran after a squirrel earlier today and was killed by a car. I am destroyed. She was so full of Love and so loyal. I have another Chihuahua named Nolie and she is lost without Lyla. I can see her looking for her around the house. Why do these things Happen? Why do we have to go to so much pain in our lives. She will never be replaced. I Miss her so much.

I'm so sorry. Truly. I know how u feel. My other dog, Linda, also mourned for him. When she licked his blood on my clothes she puy her head down and refused to move. It may sound ridiculous but her expression completely changed when she smelled and licked it. It must have sank in what happened. None of my dogs will ever be replaceable. And when Linda passes, I don't know.what I will do. She's always been my baby. My heart broke for every dog, and will the most for her. My parents said they dont want another dog either after our losses, it would be too painful

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I definitely feel your pain. I have a yellow lab and she is 12 years old. She isn't doing so well right now and she is in pain. I dont want to admit nor do I know where to get the courage but her time to go is here. I havent felt this sad in years. Once she is gone, I dont think I want to have anymore pets. Once again sorry for your loss.

Im so sorry you're going through that. I went through that when my german shepherd got sick. He was 13. I was at school when my parents put him to sleep. I wish i said goodbye. I uswd to have 4 dogs and have only 1 now, and shes always been my girl. i have a beautiful tattoo of her. She's turning twelve in December. Idk what I will do when.she passes. i know i will be.devastated. how are you doing? I hope all is well and thank u for commenting