Penny Rose!

My Grandad had a whippet. He got it when she was 8 weeks old. Named her Penny Rose. She we golden! Beautiful dog. When she was 21 human years she got out the house. Every one went out looking for her. We got her back but she died the next day. Vet said it was shock. She was a house dog, never left the house on her own. All we have left of her is pictures and some of her hair. Miss her so much!
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2012

so she was only 3 yrs old? wow... I am so sorry to hear that.. that is a tough thing to go thru. Smile and know she's sitting at Nan's side and keeping her company :)

I love dogs and have never been without one for the past 17 years,but have,unfortunately,had 6 dogs in that time.I loved everyone of them,and they were all so different in character.21years is a very long life for a dog,so he must have been loved to the hilt!

Such a sad story A similar story happened to my Cat Rocky...he was 11 years old and pretty much a house cat. My back yard faces the desert and there are alot of coyote's who like to eat cats. Well I had a friend over and she had blocked the cat door and he was out all night............never to return.. He was a sweetheart and I still miss him.