My Beautiful Friend Died Yesterday....

Misty was a Bichon Frise who was 5 years old. A couple of months ago we took her to the vet as she had blood in her urine and suddenly became unwell one evening. She was put on fluids and antibiotics and had an x-ray and ultrasound and it was found that one of her kidneys was enlarged and she had lots of crystals in her bladder and kidney. She took antibiotics for 6 weeks and had more scans, blood tests and urine tests during this time. The crystals cleared up but her kidney stayed the same. She was a lot better in herself, enjoying her walks, eating lots and playing, but got tired more easily and seemed uncomfortable and sore sometimes. The vet decided she needed to have her kidney removed, so yesterday we took her to a soft tissue surgeon for the operation. The vet is one of the best in the country and we had total confidence in her abilities. She was going to sedate Misty, then do some tests to make sure her other kidney was functioning well, then remove the bad one. I got a phone call from her in the afternoon to say that the operation had gone well, but when misty was coming round from the anaesthetic she started to struggle with her breathing. She had a pneumothorax which is when air gets into the space around the lung, and then her heart stopped. She was given adrenaline and they opened her up and did heart massage but couldn't save her. We collected her last night and she stayed in her bed overnight in my bedroom then I and my 11 year old daughter burried her today.

I am heartbroken and can't stop crying. She was a sweet little dog who used to follow me everywhere, even to the toilet! She was very affectionate and was my daughter's best friend, sleeping on her bed every night. She loved to play and was a very lively little dog, and a real character. I just can't beleive she has died and don't know how I will cope with this. I feel so guilty as looking back on things there are a lot of signs that she hadn't been well for a long time and we just didn't pick up on this. The vet feels there must have been something else going on besides her kidney and I feel so bad that my poor little angel was suffering and we didn't know. She was so brave and I know she isn't suffering now, but I just want her back here with us. My daughter is devastated and it's heartbreaking to see her so sad. It's just the two of us, so she had such a special relationship with Misty. How can it be fair that such a special little dog can die at such a young age, and can suffer so much? I feel so guilty that I let her suffer and didn't add things up to see what was going on. At bedtime she always jumped off the sofa and ran upstairs, but for about 6 months now she's wanted to just stay on the sofa and my daughter has carried her to bed. She hasn't wanted to get in the car for a while now but she loved it before as she loved being out and about and knew it meant she would probably be going for a walk somewhere else. In the evenings she's been lying down resting or sleeping a lot more and growling if my daughter has gone to stroke or cuddle her which she never did before. She's been getting tired earlier in the evening and eating like a horse but not gaining weight. How did I not see that she wasn't herself and something was wrong? How could I let her suffer when the signs were there? I will miss our little baby so much and just don't know if I'll ever get over this.
Jenn00 Jenn00
41-45, F
Apr 25, 2012