Today I Lost My Best Friend

My 14 year old wonderful big dog died today. She in many ways was my best friend and like a child to me since I am childless. I feel lost without her and my house does not feel like a home anymore without her here to greet me. She had cancer and I had her on steriods but even so today was the day. My kind vet saw me when I walked in and ran up to hug me. I don't think she has never seen me cry before. She let me pull the car to the side of the clinic and crawled into the back of the car and did it in surroundings she was familiar in which I am also grateful for. After she was gone I felt happy for her. No more pain. No more cancer. No more struggles. I felt sad for me. For a minute I considered asking the vet if I could go too...I live in chronic pain and don't want to suffer, don't want to be without her....but of course I have to go on. My life is so sad right now, hollow, empty, lacking much of the meaning it once had. The one entity in this world that loved me unconditionally is gone. I am alone. Tonight I will cry myself to sleep without her to lick my tears. Goodbye my sweet friend. I love you.
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I feel so bad for you, even though this happened years ago. I lost my Boston terrier bandit in may of 2015 and just lost my other Boston taz yesterday. He was almost 16 and bandit was 12. I know how you felt when you lost yours all to well.

I lost my Joey 3 months ago to cancer after 2 week diagnoses. I understand how you feel for I am feeling the same way. He was my everything since I don't have kids. I feel lost, broken, dead inside and times I have wished I could go too because I too don't want to live without him. I dreaded it and it happened in a blink of an eye. I wish I could tell you it gets easier but I find it gets worse as time goes by..

I hope you are doing better by now. The sadness never leaves ,but diminishes. Today I will be putting my 17 year Buddy the Border Collie to rest. I am so very sad. Buddy was rescue. My daughter , wife and myself will never be the same. I feel sick right now so I will stop typing.

I am losing my best friend and I am dying inside. My beautiful 9 year old Lab Roxie has cancer ..... I know she is in pain although I have her on pain meds.... God, how do I let her go????To keep her here is only being selfish .... All I do is cry and it hurts her to see me like this. . She has always been by my side in my time of need wheather I am lonely,sick scared or just plain sad .How do I say goodbye????I love you my darling cherished companion...........

I'm sorry for your loss ... on December 26 in 2011 i lost Rocky, my 16 years old dalmatian.
In my case the regret is the fact i wasn't strong enough and i let him suffer for almost one year :( Maybe i was egoist too because i could not let him go.. and now i regret a lot.
I think he was my best and sincere friend, and i feel your pain more than you may know...
Time heal wounds but very slowly, after 15 months i still cry some times and i still miss him so much.

I lost my 14 year old beagle today. she also had cancer, and had to be put down :'( She was my bestfriend and I know how you feel.

so sorry, i lost my lovely dog zena a month ago, 12 years, the hollow empty space, i know exactly what you mean, i also thought for a second, could i go to, hope time heals our hearts, love you ze ze xx

I am sorry. I lost my 9 yr old Cocker spaniel on April 23 5am. It has been almost a month now and I'm still grieving alot. I blame myself but I know I was a good mama.