Yeska Was My Dog....

Some kids on a bench with some puppies. Maybe a week or two too early to give away... I first picked up a little boy, and then a little girl picked her head up Looked directly at me, and said a puppy mewl... I was taken away. That was 16 years ago.. 1/4 pit, 1/4 wolf, 1/2 austrelian shepard my Yeska was. She died in her sleep,while I was gone, on Sunday, May 6th. We have been through a divorce, being homless, to living in a car, so many road trips, and a few new friends along the way. I really think she waited these last 2 years for my Mr. Right and now my son, to come along...I feel she was okay knowin I would be okay...but I really still need her in my life. I have a wonderful black lab that was Yeskas friend for the last 11 years...I hope he doesnt feel as depressed as I do. I am so thankful for my4 month old son, I just really really miss my dog... My dad passed away this past September, she was there for me then too. She was so smart..I dont know what to do with this hole in my being right now... We always went to parades and camping. Hiking in the mountains was a favorite. She understood a lot of words. Her favorite..Ride In The Car...she hated..Bath. She never suffered. She was kinda deaf, and a little blind. Normal for her age. I got tons of compliments on her puppy-like nature at her age. Her dying was just happened. I loved her so much. I never knew how deeply she ran in me until now. I hate it when I expect to see her laying in her spot, not seeing, then rememberig why. My poor husbend doesnt know what to do for me. I dont know what to do for myself....I joke about my dad having her with him, and the awesome camping trip he must have her on in Heaven. This sadness is a different kind. I loved my dad deeply, this loss of my baby is so different.... She was my soulmate K9... I miss tripping over her, laying on the floor with son will never know the wonderful man he was named after, or the awesome dog that waited for him to arrive... 
Rest in forever Peace my awesome baby girl. Hope Heaven has enough couches to please the Queen of my life, I thank you for you gaurdianship, your quiet strength, and your loyalty. There will never be another you.... I love you Yeska <3 
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

She still is your dog. The reason your heart aches after is because they move from this world to your heart and wag their tails in there. my Shepard passed on 3days ago

I am so sorry for your loss.