Death By Corn Cob (behind The Scenes)

This story is about a client's dog. I am new to the veterinary field. 

I met 2 year old mix who had been vomiting all night. When I first seen him in the waiting room he was laying on his side, he would not stand, or raise his head.  I had to carry him into the exam room. He was about 50lbs or so.

The owners did not seem to realize how serious his condition was. Apparently, he had been throwing up red colored fluid every 2-3 hours since late last night. They did mention that they seen a green and white leafy plant in one of the first piles of vomit. He was known to eat things he shouldn't.. 

The Veterinarian told the owners that he will need a series of tests done. They agreed to the plan and she took him into the back. When the Vet tried to pick him up, he began vomiting up blood tinged fluid. As she carried him threw the clinic, he leaked a trail of watered down blood from his mouth. 

They took his blood, urine, and X-rays. The Vet suspected that he ate rat poison. I held him during his X-rays and while they inserted the catheter into his arm (for I.V. fluids). He drooled blood all over my arm. I switched out with a different assistant then began dealing with other clients (It's a very busy clinic!)

Every few minutes I would pass by him and pat his head.  The Veterinarian is so sweet, she held him the whole time talking to him. Then began vomiting violently.  I mean, this sounded HORRIBLE. I have never heard anything like this before. I handed her several large bath towels, it smelled even worse. It was all blood. 

After that episode, the vet held him and hummed/sang to him quietly. I don't know what it was, but it sounded sooooo sad... I got a little teary eyed (but of course I had to hide that) It was his death song....

In the end, the owners could not afford an exploratory surgery, so they put him down (Euthanasia). 

After the clinic closed the veterinarian performed a necropsy (to find the cause of death). It smelled sooooo bad when they opened him up, the receptionist even smelled it. They found a 2-inch piece of a corn cob in his small intestine. He also had blood in his abdominal cavity (stomach). When he ate the corn cob, it had a hard time passing threw his digestive system.  It only made it about half way threw and along the way it created many small tears in his intestines which leaked out blood. The veterinarian said "Even if the owners could have afforded the surgery it would had been unlikely that he would survive." 

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Jul 14, 2012