My dog, Corker, died yesterday morning, July 7.  He was fine Saturday, just acting a little odd but he was twelve and a half.  Sunday he wouldn't stand up to eat, but he did eat a little. By Sunday evening something was obviously wrong, but no vets are open on Sunday.  Corker was breathing horribly and by the time we went to bed his back legs didn't seem to be working.  I lay with him on the floor for awhile then went to bed.  Around one am I got up and he was gone.  I found him in the kitchen, where he has never in twelve years gone to lay down before.  He was alive then.  I patted his head and told him I loved him and went back to bed.  When I got up at six am on Monday he was gone.  I'm so depressed I don't know what to do.  My cat is starting act wierd like she's wondering where he is.  It just hurts alot!

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I lost my dog "Frankie" today....Happy New Year : ( It hurts sooo much! We rescued him 10yrs ago when he was 3yrs old. Frankie has been my shadow, protector and given me a decade of devotion and joy! This really hurts but in his memory, I will rescue another. I think it will take me more than a week also. Time will tell... <br />
Thanks for sharing.

Marji, Thanks. I am thinking about getting another dog, but I may wait longer than a week. I got Corker in my late twenties, when I moved back to my hometown after finishing school and living in Oklahoma City for a few years. Cork was my first personal pet and he was with me for nearly thirteen years. It's hard to think of finding another dog as great as he was, but I do plan to get another one day. Thanks.