My dog, Zoe, died a couple of months ago. I still really haven't come to terms with her death becus I was in another state when she passed and I will be going home tomorrow to not find her there. She came into my life last September and unfortunately, I hated her. I felt that she was replacing our other dog we have and I didn't like having her around. After a while, she managed to steal my heart without me knowing. She was such a little rascal, she'd chew on anything she'd find. She'd howl like an ambulance and bark your ear off. My Zoe would give the best of hugs, it made you feel like you were home. She would look at me like if I was her world. Sometimes, when the tv was on, I'd catch her staring at it like if she was watching what was on. There were days she'd managed to escape from the house and have me chase for her around the whole block. When she was finally tired, she would go back home with me behind her. I miss her so much it hurts my heart. My pain will hopefully be gone soon but my love for her will forever live on. I love you my Zoe, I can't wait till I'm chasing after you again.
'A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.'
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It is very sad when a beloved pet passes away. My dog Colleen, a Lab /Terrier mix, had to e put to sleep as her health was failing. I had raised her from a puppy in Alabama when I was stationed there with the Army. I took her with me back to upstate NY on the farm where I few up several times, and even to Florida. When I had her put to sleep, I held her head in my hands as she was dying; she was licking my face until she died. I sobbed and wailed in anguish, my best friend and the vet techs were crying too. That was 1999; I had her privately cremated and it took me a year before I could go back to get her ashes. Even now, I still have dreams of her and sometimes wake up and think she is still alive...but the memories of the great times we shared will be with me always:)