Scrappy Doo

I miss the little guy. He wasn't even old enough to go yet but he has ran away so many times in his life, that it was simply a miracle that he didn't die any sooner. Last Christmas, was the first Christmas I've been without him since 2004. I had his little dolphin propped up in my tree, my mom got upset and said " You never did that for any of our other dogs.." well, she's right but for a good reason. I never got to know my other dogs like I did Scrappy. Scrappy was an inside dog and the other two where outside. I never really spent much time with them, other than going out for walks or brushing their hair. So yes, I did treat Scrappy's death like it was more devastating to me than the others because it was.

I miss kissing him on the head. I miss petting and making fun of his goofy ears. I miss asking him to " Bro Fist " or "Say Hi" for a treat. I miss calling him when food drops on the floor. I miss going out at night just to unhook him from his chain. I miss everything about him...I know that one day he will be replaced and it may be hard but in a way, I'm glad. I want a cat to take is place but not where he is in my heart. I will never forget him.
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

How very sad, I feel for you with all my heart, I have 3 dogs and a cat, we are animal carers for the RSPCA and foster and rehome animals, we also run our own pet services company called Scrappy Doo's, time is a healer as they say, Scrappy will always be looking out for you x

I've come to believe that it's impossible to truly replace a really special animal pal. I had a dog that got hit on the road when I was about 11. He wasn't old at all. I think he was almost 2. Barely out of puppy-hood. I saw him go flying through the air when he got hit by a car. It was devastating and I will never forget the image. I don't think anyone could really replace that dog though. I always wish I could have another just exactly like him, or better yet bring him back to life lol. Wishful thinking...

I lost my dog, sasha, she was getting old so she just died