Sir Nicholas

       I lost the love of my life today,  Sir Nicholas was his name.  He was a Yorkie, and so smart, why he could talk also. I had him only for five years, he was 8 years old, but was 3years old when he was given to me.

        You see, I read an ad in the newspaper that Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2003 about a Yorkie for free.  I called to find if they had given him away and if the ad was true.  They said yes, and would bring him over, which they did along with his food, toys, cloths and papers.  After meeting me, and having him to walk in the backyard, they slipped away.

      Once he noticed they were gone, he started to cry and shake.  He would not allow me to come near him, I felt so sorry for him.  He spent the night sleeping on my kitchen table, which was fine with me, he was so beautiful.  After a few days he let me come near and even put a leash on him.  One day I took him to visit a friend, as we pulled out of the driveway, he began to shake, while at my friend home, he kept a watchful eye on me at all times.  During the return drive home, which was just a short drive, he stared out the window, once we pulled into the driveway again, he seemed breath a sigh of relief.  Once he got out of the car, he ran into the house, I knew that he was home and he knew that he was home.

      It was a shock to find him dead in the hallway, I had given him a bath yesterday, and his hair was so silky and smooth.

    The last sound I heard was he coughed during the night, it was a deep cough.  I remember now, that he only coughed during the night.  And he had started not towant to go for a walk latley, so many memories flood my brain now.

     He had a bed in my room to sleep if he wanted to, for he could climb into bed with me.  Some times he slept in the bed of my daughter that is away in college, sometimes, in any one of the closets, why he slept wherever he wanted, this was his home after all.

    I miss him now, hearing him walk down the hall, jumping on my bed while I am on the computer.  He would place his paw on my arm as I sit in the bed with my laptop.  He would sometimes rest his head on my stomach if I was lying in bed.

    Oh, yes he did not like Fireworks at all, nor did he care for other dogs, he considered them to be be beneath him and would turn his head if he was out walking a passed another dog.

     Right now I have a headache, I guess from crying all day.  I think I can make it through the night, for he slept all night, but what am I going to do with my days?  How do I make my days go by without him, my Sir Nicholas.

    Forgot, when he was turned over to me, his name was "Nico," I figured that he needed a title, so I changed his name to "Sir Nicholas."

   Thank you for allowing me to make this post.  Oh, how I am going to miss him, I already miss my little Nicholas, little Nicholas.



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1 Response Jan 7, 2009

oh , how sad for you, little puppies are the best friends we can ever gave sir nicholas a happy and safe home with lots of love.....and he gave you many happy memories to cherish....<br />
i have four little doggies and they give me so much love its overwhelming i will be hard for me when they go, but <br />
i believe our much loved dogs spirit returns to us in another puppy and you will know it when another one comes into your life<br />