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Dog Got Hit By A Car

Yesterday, I went to take my dog out for his morning walk. We went to all his favorite parks. He was only 1 and a half years old and was still immature and innocent. As i came back from the walk and got into the main door of the apartment I took of his lead. At that very same moment someone opened the door and he ran out. I ran after him and watched him cross the big street to play with another dog. I thought I had just avoided death. I began to cross the street whilst my dog perched on the side walk waiting for me. As i crossed I heard the sound of a popped tire and heard my dog whimpering and limping. I was shocked. I thought my dog had hurt his leg but I ran over and saw that it had been a lot worse. I held him and watched him die in my hands. I called my mom immediately - crying - and told her the news. She rushed out of the house expecting him to be hurt, but not dead. We both sat on the street crying until we decided to bring him home.
For us this dog was not a pet, nor a friend, but our child. My mom had found him after after suffering from depression. She had gone to Greece alone to stay with her deteriorating mother. With in 3 months her mother had died and the depression began. In the midst of her depression she saw a small one, colored, dark brown chihuahua who was she said "looked like a little bean". She bought him the very same day and decided to give him the name "coffee bean".

"Beanbo", "Bean Bean", "Coff-Coff" and "boubi" (his most loved nickname) had become her light in the dark world of solitude and grief. She would need to take him out for walks and began to make friends and enjoy herself. That dog, had become her child, her best friend and every moment of her day would be spent in his company.

In 6 months I had come to visit for the summer (at first). From the first time I laid eyes on him I loved him. He was naughty yet sweet, excited yet loving and soon, I to had come to him as my son. I knew his every moved. I remember the way he would put one ear down and keep one up when he was thinking, the way he would put both ears back when he had done something wrong, the way he would nip and my socks whilst I walk, the way he began barking every time I put on my coat because he knew he was going for a walk. He became my bother, my son and most of all my best friend. Due to family circumstances it was deemed best to stay for another 4 months until my dad settled in a new area. It was in this time that I had to love him so.

He was a sweet and pure soul. He would walk from bedroom to bedroom to lick us, so none of us felt lonely. He was the most loving and beloved creature to ever set foot in the house. To see this tragedy happen to such a living and loving animal was devastating. The guilt I feel tears through me every night, even now writing this post, he should have his paws up on the chair waiting for a hug. I feel as though I ended his life and i miss him so. If i had kept the lead on for 3 minutes he would be here next to me. I woke up today and i see no reason to go outside, I feel like a murderer. I should never have taken of his lead. What is worse is that fact that after I leave soon on January 20Th to stay with my dad and brother, I will be leaving my mother alone again. How could I be such a terrible person? I've had other dogs die in my life, but never have I felt as though I was their cause of death. Whenever I close my eyes I see this incident. I have never loved another dog the way I loved him, he was 'unique'.





lukeqanderson lukeqanderson 18-21, M 201 Responses Dec 30, 2009

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who responded to this experience.

Though death can be challenging and overwhelming, time truly does heal all wounds.

Things may never be the same, but every day is another step towards a brighter future (not to sound too cliche).

I am very honored that my experience has shown so relatable, and without this community I would not have had an outlet in a time of need.

Thanks again,

I lost my dog yesterday. It was my moms dog. New Years Day 2015. I was walking Charly, a papillon on a retractable leash. With 2 other dogs. Charly was in the street. Close to sidewalk. A gray ford pickup truck saw me and the dogs, as he slowed down. Unfortunately I couldn't retract the leash fast enough, the truck ran over Charly as I watched, and kept going.....worst day of my life. I'm in uncontrollable grief....

I'm so sorry our dog destiny died on New Year's Eve and it hurts so bad.

Dude this same mess happened on New Years yesturday. We were walking to my grandmas house to pick up the whole dog pack and get her leash. So she trotted along me as we went . We were so happy as I laughed and joked with her then she bolted out of nowhere in the opposite direction and I called her but she was too stubborn and ignored me then she stopped in the middle of the street and I saw a blue pick up and it wouldn't stop. This has been haunting me as it happened yesterday . I was so stupid.

My dog wreck-it got hit by a car today. I am mostly to blame as well because I left the door opened - made myself a coffee - went on to the verandah and saw him across the road. My first response was too call out to him but this probably wasn't the best thing to do. As I called his name automatically I could hear a car and just knew it was going to happen. He looked up as happy as ever and leapt towards me without any awareness of the car travelling quickly hitting him head on. I. Ran downstairs and couldn't believe it! He was convulsing and I thoought there may have been a chance to save him but after about 20 seconds he was dead. I cant get the image out of my head as it plays over and over like a old movie re run!!! He was so much more than a dog - he was so gorgeous and loving! What's worse is we lost another dog earlier this year because he got out of our fence when we were away for a day and also got run over. What can you do though to teach dogs about the dangers of cars?? My partner and I feel devastated and have lost faith in our parenting of dogs and have questioned our responsibility. I know accidents happen and it's just a mistake but it all happens in the blink of an eye and I would do anything to have him back right now - following my every move and giving me all of his love and attention! Dogs are definitely man's best friend and I will never forget them!

Oh my god earlier june year 2014 I lost my German shepherd to bloat! She was only 7. And this other dogs death was a chiwienie named destiny. I feel your pain in so many ways. This has been on repeat like a rerun and it feels like hell. The dog I'm with in the photo is a dog I actually found in the middle of the street. He is still alive. But the other two are gone and it hurts so so so bad.

My small Chihuahua/Terrier dog Belle was hit by a car a couple of days ago. I thought she was dead but then she still had a faint heart beat. I should have taken her to the vet but I waited, not wanting to move her, and she died soon. I have such guilt. She was about 8 years old and she was famous every where she went because she would fetch a tennis ball back and forth for hours and drop the ball at stranger's feet to have them throw it to her and she made everyone, old and young, happy. She would walk around everywhere we went with a tennis ball - that was almost as big as her head - in her mouth, and people would stop and say "look at that cute dog!". I took her with me when I would drive to meetings, and I worked from home so I spent lot's of time with her. My wife and kids said I loved her more than them, and I cannot lie that in some ways it was true. She was my buddy, my friend. If I was depressed, she lied next to me. If I was outside at my kids baseball game, she made me feel proud and happy from all the people playing with her and coming up to me saying "your dog is amazing". And I would say "yes, I know".

And now, through my own carelessness of letting her out alone and not taking her to the vet in time (perhaps), she is dead. I am a grown man and I cannot stop crying. I miss her so much. And I have terrible guilt that I perhaps could have saved her if I made different choices. Some mistakes we can fix later, and others we cannot, and death is one of those. I can never bring her back. Never. I miss her so much and it is killing me that I will never see her again and that she will never enjoy all the things she, and I, loved to do. I hope her death will not be in vain and that I will be a better person because of her life and her death. She touched so many people and gave them such joy. I hope I can do even 1% of that in my life. Rest in Peace my wonderful dog.

How are you doing now? I can't sleep, and can't eat. Please tell me it gets better.

It does. Look at your dog's photo every day and give it a kiss. Let yourself cry and feel sad and then realize that you do need to live on for the sake of others in your family, etc. Each day, time does help up to get farther from the pain. I am 100 times better now.

I lost my 8 years companion ans best friend today. My 8 years old american eskimo "peanut" got run over by a car in my condo community parking lot. The car run him over with rear wheels few times in front of me - despide my screaming and peanut's screaming... then it drove away without a blink... I know it is an accident if there's someone to blame- that is me- i didn't take good care/ protect peanut... However, I wish that car has stopped ... for human decency...

IM so sorry. This happens to me yesterday. Mine was on a leash and ran over by someone in publix parking lot. He kept going never stopped. All I can say is death was instantaneous. God bless

Thats so sad to hear my lil doggie got hit by a car on Halloween.. and today is the third day without him im still so so heart broken he was helping me deal with my. Daddys passing .. and im lost without him. Make sure u get another dog its not your fault it was a accident..

I lost my dog this morning, she was a chihuahua greyhound mix. She was the best dog, she really reminded me of a person with the looks she gave and her actions. My son let her and our other dog out this morning and a few minutes later I told him to let them in but Dink wouldn't come. A man on a bike came up to our house and asked of we had two little dogs and I said yes and he said " I'm sorry but the white one got out of your fence, a man sped thru and had plenty of time to slow down but didn't ." i went out and there she was on the sidewalk, already gone . She was trying to make it home but didn't . I have been crying on and off all day , you dont realize how part of the family your pet becomes until it's too late. I am gonna miss my little girl soo much , my only comfort was since she was gone so fast she didnt suffer .

My poor parents lost a puppy this morning. They got two corgi puppies from their neighbors a few weeks ago and doted on them constantly. They were siblings and my parents were very careful about having them around the pool. They supervised them carefully and bought a little "dock" for them to get out of the pool easier. They took them swimming in the afternoon so they'd eventually learn how to swim and get out safely. Unfortunately, one of the puppies got into their tiny pond and drowned. The pond is only 4 feet by 6 feet and there are rocks and plants all over in it but they found the little guy in it when they got home. They are absolutely devastated and are thinking about giving the other puppy away since they feel entirely responsible. I wish there was something I could say or do to make them feel better but I know there isn't. Rest in peace little CJ.

I have suffered a devastating loss today. Today, the fourth of October 2014 is the day my world turned completely dark. This has been a terrible year. I have lost so much. My grandparents passed away and then my very best friend and soul mate was killed in a car accident. My 5 pound mutt of a dog with a personality larger than life was beside me bringing me comfort and unconventional love with each terrible loss. My home next, and then my job. Not the end of the world. I had my dog to snuggle every night. Tonight Is the first of many lonely sad nights ahead. My sweet baby girl was hit and left to die in the middle of the street. I can not describe the way I could hear my heart shatter picking her little body up off the road. I have suffered pet loss before. Not like this. I can't picture a world without her 3

I just lost my puppy a few hours ago... Somehow he got out and ran into the street, we haven't even had him for a year. We saved him from a shelter New Years eve and I picked him out. He had the cites little freckles on his nose. His name was eli and we estimated he was almost 2 years old. He died instantly. My family and I just buried him and all of his things are still in the house reminding me that he's really actually gone. Rip eli 10/2/14 love you forever and ever boo

If anyone could give us almost four year old son and I both witnessed one of our sweet labs get hit by a train. He was cut compleatly in half and we saw everything. Compleatly horrible, my son was hysterical. While he seemed to cope after the first week or so with a burial and goodbyes. He is now in terror every time a train goes by as we live pretty close. This includes waking up every time one comes through at night, about five or six times a night. We have told him the train is never going to hurt him and tried playing with more train toys to show what they do to help us. He runs around frantically with his hands over his ears at every sound of a distant train. We don't know what else to do.

Two days ago my dog Tiny died. He was a black stocky pitbull with lots of fun and life in him. He was hit by a truck that never breaked when it saw him and kept going along after running over him. My heart is so broken my dog was my baby and now he's gone. Im trying so hard to heal but I feel as if I'll never move past this: (

I lost my beloved dog yesterday. I was out gardening and she got out of the house and ran across the street. She was hit by a car.

I rushed her to the vet but she died.

I am so lost. She was a young dog and I adopted her 1 1/2 years ago. My husband had died and my children were having a very tough time and giving me a lot of trouble. She was pure happiness to me. I remember sitting on the couch with her sweet head in my lap and thinking that I could never live without her.

Now I must.

I have no idea how this will pan out. Another dog will come into my life at some point but I have no idea when.

We lost our puppy today, only 3-4 months old. Her name is Vixen, named after one of Santa's reindeers. Her siblings are called Cupid, Dash, Comet and Blitz. She was the most mischevious of the lot. Always running out of the house, squeezing her body under the gate. Although the tiniest, she was the bravest. It all happened so quickly. My husband and I walked out of the house and I closed the gate and headed towards a market just two streets away. Just as we reached the junction 3 houses away, we heard a shriek from a dog. We turned around a saw a dog under the back tyre of the car and I said a quiet, "Oh no" not knowing it was her until I saw Blitz at the corner of the car. I immediately screamed her name and ran towards her. But it was too late. There was so much blood. She was having seizures as my husband held her and soon her heartbeat left his touch. Now all I do is replay the scene in my head. Over and over and over again. It doesn't stop. I feel a knot in my stomach and question myself. What if I left the house earlier? Or later? What if I turned behind? Why didn't I notice? Why? Why? But these questions will forever remain questions... My husband feels so much guilt. If only I can take it away and make him feel better. To let him know that it was't his fault.<br />
<br />
I miss the way she tilts her head when I call her name<br />
I miss her weird random hopping on all fours (much like a reindeer!)<br />
I miss the way she drags herself on her butt when I tell her to wait for her dinner<br />
I miss her.<br />
<br />
Little mischevious Vixen the puppy<br />
You make me so angry yet happy<br />
Super smart pup but yet so cheeky<br />
Disturbing your siblings cheerfully<br />
<br />
Sorry I didn't slow my pace<br />
Sorry I didn't decide on other ways<br />
Sorry you didn't see more birthdays<br />
Be cheeky now in a better place

I also lost my beautiful puppy she was 4 1/2 months had been the perfect day until we decided to go for a walk in a trail we were on our way there and she was in the back of the truck...I still dont understand why she jumped but when she did she landed under our car I ran out to see her and she was just still I believe she died instantly I just threw myself to the ground and cried and said I was sorry....she had rode in the back before and never did anything but that day she jumped and I lost my precious Nuna I havent been able to cope with herdeath ive cried and cried and wished it was all a dream but nothing changes I blame myself and think why didn't I tie her or just have stayed home....I loved her so much and have thought about getting another puppy but I know it wont be her....ill never get to play with her or hug her again now I get home and my house feels lifeless....words can't describe how much I miss her...I just hope she can see me and know I loved her so much....I love you nuna 3/27/14

Luke you are not a murderer. I will share something that happened to me. My husband and I pray and believe together. We knew it was getting close to the time that we would have to send our beloved Regis and Ruby (Bichon friezes-a year apart) home. I felt as though I was a murderer and told The Lord this.<br />
<br />
He spoke and said, "It is not murder it is sacrifice. Offer them to Me as you would a lamb. They will be well taken care of." It was the hardest thing I have had to do. They were also my children and pure and loving beings. They were both getting to the age that I had to make a decision. Regis was in a little better shape than Ruby but his heart would have been broken if he had to survive without her. So they both had to leave at once. On the day they went home, my husband and I laid on the bed together amidst great tears and heartache. We calmed ourselves down and prayed. The Lord gave my husband this vision: both dogs were standing at an opening of some sort, like a window. They were leaping with joy and jumping up and down like little pieces of popcorn being popped. They were ecstatic. They were saying "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!! Daddie, Daddie, Daddie, Daddy, Daddie, Daddie!!!!! They were standing at the feet of Jesus. He could only see His Sandals. They continued this to show us how happy they were to be free of the confines of this world. The Lord showed us that they are in our future with Him.

Another 'unique' soul... I lost my dog on Sunday, January 19th when he ran out onto a highway... to chase the cars. We had him for 3 months, he was 14 months old. We were training him to be a trail-dog and while we had reasons to be leery with him around busy roads, we also knew he was doing well with the training and we thought he could resist the urge... we were wrong.
While stopped briefly on the forested trail, seconds before he took off, I thought "He's getting excited, maybe we should put the leash on him"... then I got back on my bike. When I knew he was off and running, I lept off my bike and chased him on foot. I couldn't see him and I could barely hear him over the din of the traffic. I was calling and calling, and I soon lost track of his footprints in the snow. As I ran, I was aware of cars breaking, slowing, and bunching out on the highway, and I knew then, in my heart, why, yet all I could think of was his collar; the one with his name tag that we had forgotten at home...we never forget that collar. And, the old wire fence lining the forest... was it enough to stop him?
I came to edge of the forest, which ended on a country lane-way spotted with houses. Ignoring 'no trespassing' signs, I kept moving forward, cresting a hill to look out over the highway... and then I saw him, lying across three lanes by the median, not moving. In crying/angry-yelling shock, I walked back to my partner who was still calling after him back by the trail. As I approached, alone, he told me "We'll find him. We'll find him." I explained what had happened.
Eventually, we collected ourselves and walked/biked out of cold, quickly darkening forest for what seemed like the longest stretch of time I'd ever experienced. Once we were home, we contacted the regional police who gave us the number and address of a local highway maintenance department. The department office was closed... but, later that night, at shift change, my wonderful father-in-law tracked down a snowplow driver who happened to have picked up our puppy. She was in tears as she handed over his body, stating that he must have been a special soul because his body was moved out of the way of traffic -- normally people don't stop and animals are utterly wasted on the road. Minutes later, when our father delivered him to a nearby vet clinic for cremation, our puppy merely looked to be asleep without hardly a scratch on him -- at least, that is what we were told.
Besides feeling responsible -- for expecting too much from him too soon, for not putting the leash on him, for not training him better or using a shock collar or some other technology -- what makes this even harder is knowing that he was not just our dog. His previous owner bred him and raised him for the first year of his life. Despite all of her other wonderful dogs, she sobbed when we left with him in our arms. The thought of having to tell her what happened breaks my heart all over again, every day, along with the pictures and videos and (truly wonderful and thoughtful) messages from all of our friends and family.
Amongst all these feelings, and in my selfishness, I am sad for myself: I waited for this dog for 7 years, for the 'stars to align' in terms of time, space and living arrangements, and I only got to be with him for 3 months. While I doubt my guilt will ever truly leave me, I am hopeful that one day I will be able to put my love and trust in another dog, and myself.

I lost my too baby's batman and dodger on 1/6/13 to a stupid car passing by not paying any attention I can't believe she hit them both batman I had for five years after I had a heart attack I was so depressed my little batman has done so much for me it hurts so bad I couldn't help him like he helped me and my little dodger was his son he was only 1years old so sweet and full of love my kid's and I cry so much every day it happend in front of all of us I can't believe this my poor sweet babies

Lost my dog today . As I was pulling up to my house I saw a truck parked in the middle of the street and man standing right next to a dog that had just got hit by a car. As I approached, the puppy started looking more and more familiar. It was my 5 year old friend "Cookie". I am a 20 but I cried a like a 10 year old. The sad part is , it's like she was waiting to say goodbye to me before she died. What are the odds that as soon as I got back from the grocery store she'd lay there dying and waiting for me!!! I feel so bad and guilty because I know I could have treated her way better than I did when she lived .. I don't know how to break the news to my 5 year old son about this .

Just lost my dog today. I feel so horrible he should not have gone that way. 10 years of joy with my little man I'm so sorry it had to end like this . You were the best dog ever !

We lost our 11 month old lab tonight.
I opened the door for my daughter who would be coming home from school. He got the screen door open and ran into the street. I feel so guilty! I never should have opened the door!

Where to begin? Night before last (11/17/13) was one of the worst nights of my life as my sweet little ten-year old Shih Tzu puppy "Ziggy" was killed after bolting out of the front door in a flight of thunder storm panic. The day started as any normal weekend day, but as time went on we heard of an impending storm. About 4:00pm as we were near the front door a clap of thunder so incredibly loud that it shook the whole house. In that instant Ziggy freaked out. He had becoming increasingly anxious in storms over the past couple years, but this one just rocked him to the core. In the brief moment after the thunder clap, my wife came up from the basement somewhat impervious to the storm and opened the door to shake off something she had been cleaning. The moment the door opened Ziggy bolted out the door. He ran and he ran and he ran. Of course we didn't know where or in what direction, but we knew it was a problem and we ran to out to see if we could catch him. He was nowhere to be seen. Usually, this little dog just hung out in the yard. Not this day. He was gone and we didn't even know where to look for him. After contacting the police and searching for over an hour in the pouring rain, we got a call from the police saying someone had just called to say they had hit a small white dog over a mile away from our home. I was back in the house with our two children. My wife and even my ex-wife and her husband where out looking and I sent them to the area where the police said the caller told them of the accident. It was dark, raining, ugly. After searching an area near a highway overpass on a busy road for a while they saw nothing. Then they spotted absolutely devastated carcass of what was once an animal. It was Ziggy. All I could do when I arrived was to scoop up what was left of him and bring him home for a proper burial. And then I had to explain it to the kids. I am still in a state of shock. He was the most loving, kind, friendly little dog who had spent ten years as the best friend to my autistic son. And now he is gone. But at least I got a call which gave us some degree of closer. If I hadn't gotten the call I would probably still be out looking for him. But now we know. And while we are heartbroken, we know we have been blessed to have this beautiful dog in our lives for ten years. We believe that clap of thunder was God calling him home. He is with him now. Cherish your pet. They are a gift.

I lost my sweet yellow lab, my best friend Jasmine yesterday to a truck. So wrapped up in guilt. I can't bear to be home. 4 and half years old, so much life ahead of us. Now she's gone. I miss her terribly. Rest in peace, Jazz 11/17/13.

I lost my dog two days ago. Her name was Jasmine too. She was hit by a car while she run away from the house. I miss her so badly..

Hi, tonight my little/fat Chihuahua kutie was just hit by car who just
keep on driving. I just went downstairs to empty the trash can as I always let Kutie go with me to use the restroom. As I make my way to the trash can quickly, I saw a light color car with bright lights sitting there talking to someone, so I made my way to the trash can
I heard a loud thump in the street, I knew I knew this cruel man HIT MY BELOVED KUTIE. I turn back and she was lying there with her eyes and face smashed in. OMG why would a person do such a thing to an innocent animal and on top of everything not ever STOP!
My KUTIE was my world she was blonde with the most pretties light brown eyes you every wanted to see. She love me so and as I did her tonight and every day of her life... I'm crying because she was
running after me to the trash can.. Why didn't I wait for her or why
didn't I have her on a leash.. Please GOD help me because she was all I had left. I'm looking at her doggy dish bowl and bottled water dish that I can not yet bring myself to move. I ask this young couple to place her in this trash bag so that she will be place in the dumpster.
I am in shock and sadness because I just do not know what to do or how to get her out the trash can and go bury her properly . Please help me to figure this out. Sign my baby KUTIE IS GONE 11/13/13

I had my dog get hit today, i can't stop crying, i miss her so much, i keep thinking this is a dream, and the *** hole who hit her, kept going, they didn't even stop.

Two nights ago my beautiful baby boy Boo, a choc chihuahua was hit by a car right in front of our house, killed instantly, obvious head trama. No one even stopped. My daughter was coming over for her birthday and was the one who discovered him. He had only been outside for about 7 minutes. It just happened that quick. He would be 10 years old on Halloween of this year. He was always so good about staying in our yard, but lately he had taken to crossing the street to explore a neighbors vacant lot. I feared for him because being chocolate brown, he was hard to see at night, not to mention being a 4 lb. dog. I regret so badly not protecting him better. I am grieving almost inconsolably. I pray that time will bring healing. He followed me everywhere I went from room to room every single day for nearly 10 years. He was here with me as my children have started school and I have found myself home alone. My ever constant companion. Everywhere I look, I expect to see him! I just don't hardly know how I will make it! Lots of prayer is all I can do! I love you, Boo! You are my Good Boy!

I lost my dog Brody this morning. I loved him so much. He was hit by a car while he was chasing a ball. He died instantly but his body looked perfect. When I picked him up he was completely limp. I miss him so much. The pain was unbearable. I had had him 2 years after rescuing him. I'm consoled by the fact that I had given him a very happy, loving, secure life. He was happy when he died and he died instantly. The pain and loss of a very loved pet is as real as any loss. There is a void that cannot be filled. I miss you Brody.

Last Monday 9/9/13 we had visitors and for whatever reason the door was left cracked open. Our 8 month old boxer girl got out and quickly darted. My 9 year old caught her but since her collar was off she darted quickly away running towards our busy street! My son was following trying to get her to stop she ran into the rode being missed by the first car and hit and killed by the second. All as we watched. In horror my oldest son got to her lying dead while I tried to comfort my sobbing 9 year old...This week has been horrific, filled with tears and loneliness! Almost blaming myself for being a failure...Tonight I was watching videos of her running in the back yard playing with our Bassett hound...Our family has been grieving the loss of our sweet family member!! I will never forget my son lying on her sobbing saying how much he loved her as he was rubbing her soft ears..I can't believe how this has rocked my emotions..I will never be the same....

I understand your pain my dog was hit by a car last night 9/11/13. My heart is in pieces. I feel so guilty that he wasn't on his leash. I'm going to miss my Chance.....