My Best Friend Tarver

Hello my name is zach, i lost my best friend Tarver, March 26th, 2010, he was a weimaraner a beautiful dog. Tarver followed me where ever i went, if i went to go to the woods, if i needed someone to talk to, everyday on the way home from school he would greet me by licking me and leaning on me like a big ol baby. I got 3 dogs and i loved him more than anything, he wasnt just a dog, you could tell in his eyes that he wanted to talk to you and communicate, you could tell the love in his big yellow eyes, you could see how much he loved you. Everyone loved Tarver, and they knew that this dog meant the world to me. He was 5 yrs old and im 15. I remember when i was walking down the road, just me and him, a mosterous black lab ran out in front of me and him, he ran in front of me and growed at the dog, the dog leaped at me and tarver leaped for the dog and saved my life. I was so thankful.


Well on this day it was like any other day. i had loved on him and played with him, and that evening i was heading to my aunts and he was trying to play with my aunts dog, so i said "Tarver" in my serious voice. Then when i went outside and yelled for him, he didnt come, i didnt think much about it until the next morning, i still couldnt find him, and the next day i got so scared that i called the dog catcher and still nothing. Well ive waited and waited its been 4 days now and ive been crying for 2 days. infact as i write this post im holding back the tears in my eyes. I think Tarver has touched me in a way like no other dog, and for some reason i just cant get over him. I pray everyday that he will comeback. But i think someone stole him because he has never done this before. thank you very much for reading I LOVE YOU TARVER FOREVER AND EVER

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i'm so sorry to hear that i feel the same, my dog sonny died about a month ago and im still crying but it sounds like Tarver loved you and im shour he loved you too