My Wonderful Husband :)

Yesterday my inlaws needed to go outside town, which meant they couldn't look after the twins while we were at work (to make matters worst they're on summer recess from school).
I told them not to worry since my dad is always available and more than happy to help.
I guess I was over confident though, because I forgot to ask him until very late the night before. He was out of town too!!! Then I panicked. Both my sisters work and it was too late to arrange things with anybody else.
So my wonderful husband arranged everything to work from home yesterday so I could go work with no worries.
I went work and he stayed at home. He worked online and combined important phone calls, emails, etc., with house chores and the typical children activities.
I returned very late (I was covering a coworker during her vacations). As I came out of the car I saw my kids playing with their friends, riding their bikes. They were so happy!) My neighbor greeted me and told me she was looking after them all since my husband was vacuuming. She laughed and told me "he's been on cleaning mode all afternoon "
When I came inside everything was pristine and he hugged me and asked about my day.
He said he had enjoyed being at home with the kids. He was in a great humor.
Isn't he the most wonderful husband??? :)
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Awesome ;-)

It is wonderful how he was able to work from home and at home for the day! I love it when things fall into place :-)