The Continuous Dream

I had this dream, once a night every week for 4-8 weeks.

This giant creature that was 10-15 feet tall and he was quite fat. He would always sneak in to a house and if he found any child awake he would kill them by gun or devour their flesh unless a roast was ready and cooked for him. On the final dream I was gathered with my brother and sister and my grandma. We were hiding out behind the bookcase to make sure he was going to eat it then, he heard me make a noise. I came out and told him I was somebody like him and a bad guy. We heard the rest of my family and he said, "Prove yourself by killing them. He threw me a gun and I started shooting out lasers at them as he did, then I turned on him and killed him. We then made an oath to never speak of this again. We were happy from then on.

Zerbax16 Zerbax16
Mar 17, 2009