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Falling In Public. Did Anyone See Me Do That?

Okay, I am pretty sure this has happend to at least some of you once at most. Okay. One winter, I was riding a bike. I like to keep in shape. Well, my decided to make a sharp turn on ice. I think you know where I'm going with this. There was a sharp chill in the air and I was eager to get home just to be warm but I had a ways to go. Miscalculating the sharp turn, the front wheel of the bike slips out from under me and I am thrown off to the side. I did not get hurt but my pride was severely wounded. So as I pick my self up, I swivel my head first to the left of me, then to the right, Front and last but not least, the back of me. I had to investigate at all angles just to make sure nobody saw me. My face had become tinged with red from the mixture of being cold and feeling quite embarrase as I was indeed spotted by a car that was behind me. I quickly made my way back to my bike, the front wheel was slightly spining. I bent over, fingers curling around the handle bars, I jerked the bike up, walking it towards a different way to go back home. Sure the trip took a bit longer but come on, I was too embarrassed to stay on the same path I was.

One time I am out of state with a friend. It was an awesome state. I have lots of pictures to prove that. Anyway, every time we walked down the same street, she constantly reminded me, "Watch out for that dip." That was starting to get a bit annoying. At least until she forgot to remind me and I forgot about that same on dip in the road, I missed the damn sidewalk, stepped into the dip and the ground rushed up to meet me face first right in the middle of the street. I quickly picked myself up, and how did I react to such a painful, embarrasing fall? I laughed my off. Needless to say, my friend was horrified thinking I had finally lost it.

Last night. Yea, that was a lot of fun. I went to a friend's wedding. It was beautiful. Went to the reception which was as beautul as the wedding. I drank a little bit. Not enough to get plastered but enough to not feel it when I hit the ground only to feel it the next day. 11:30 at night I am ready to go home. The kids needed to be put to bed and I was ready to relax. Well, on the way to our car, my five year old is crying because she wanted to stay longer so I decided to try and make her feel better by raining compliments on her. She was a flower girl at their wedding so I was telling her what a good job she did and finally I said, "I am so...." That when I forgot that our car was parked at the bottom of the hill so my feet went out from under me and I landed on my back but that didn't stop me from finishing my compliment so as I the ground, I said, "Proud of you." She started laughing. My other daughter was laughing as well and so was I. My husband asked it I were okay. I told him I wasn't hurt but today I hurt bad. LOL.
iamblackpanther iamblackpanther 26-30, F 4 Responses Aug 20, 2011

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Did you ever notice how anytime a person falls down the stairs on TV, they die? Good thing that doesn't happen in real life, or I'd have been dead about 50 times now.

Yikes. It's a good thing. They alway die from a broken neck every time. It's crazy.

Oh my gosh, I've laughed with cracked ribs before, and right away it makes me cringe from the pain. Not a good idea. Be very VERY serious when you have cracked ribs... and don't develop a cough either.

Yikes. 2 late about the cough. I already have it and it hurts like hell.

LOL. I wouldn't recomend that. Update on my fall down the hill, I was hurting so much 4 a couple of days so I went to the doctor's and found out I cracked a rib. I also drank a little more than I remembered. Come 2 find out that when I thought I drank a little, well.... That's the little I remembered. and I was drunk. I remember the fall but I don't remember landing partly on my side. I was told, yes I was drunk but I was a lot of fun 2 be around. So now It's even more funny. I got drunk and fell down a hill. I told the doctor the truth, wish I hadn't bec the doctor thought it was slightly amusing which embarrassed me more. When I got 2 thinking about it, I started 2 laugh and then I hurt. LOL.

Falling in public... sure, I've been a major klutz on many occasions, but possibly my most spectacularly clumsy fall was this:<br />
<br />
I used to read gas meters for a local utility company, and many times the gas meters are in ba<x>sements of homes. Which means you have to knock on the door and say "hi, I'm here to read your meter". A major pain in the ***, but anyway. One time it was winter, and snowing very hard, which means my boots were slippery. I knock on a door, the lady lets me in and says "It's down the ba<x>sement, but BE CAREFUL. The stairs are covered with linoleum." Oh boy, linoleum and snow covered boots, a great mixture. <br />
<br />
So I step gingerly and carefully onto the first descending step, slowly, slowly... my foot touches the stair and immediately slips out from under me, and a split second later I was crashing down the stairs feet first, on my back. I didn't stop until I reached the bottom, probably fourteen steps, and I swear my head bounced off every step on the way down. Meanwhile, I was dragging down cleaning buckets and dirty laundry and everything else she had stored on the stairway, and they were all bouncing around me as I was crashing. What a racket! <br />
<br />
Finally I reached the bottom, in complete agony from every spot on my body. She yells "Oh my gosh, are you okay?!" "I DON'T KNOW YET", I said irritably, through grit teeth. I layed there for a good 30 seconds before I even tried to get up. Man was I sore, and the back of my head had about fourteen big lumps on it. I finally did get up, no broken bones, but I was sore and achy for a week. lol... it's funny now, but it took it rather grimly at the time :)

Ouch. I can feel that by just imagining it. I bet it looked kind of comical with the bucket and cleaning supplies following u down. I'm glad u got a good laugh later on about it and I'm glad u were okay aside from being sore.

I'm sure it looked HYSTERICALLY comical! But I'm not afraid to laugh at myself when I do something ridiculous.