That was sooo Embarrasing!!!!!!!

I have lots of embarrasing moments in my life, but one that I'll never ever forget is this. Once in the second grade, I wanted to go to the bathroom during class. When I came back, I went infront of the class to hand my assignment to the teaher. All or most of the students or friends were weirdly looking at me, and I got confused. Then, as I was returning to my desk, the teacher told me to tidy up my dress from the back. Then, I looked at my back, and I saw that my dress was tucked inside my UNDERWEAR and my whole underwear showed from the back!!!!! It was the most humilating and embarrasing moment in my whole life!!!!! To make things even worse, the cutest boy that I liked in class also saw me, and I think that he also laughed at me. Even though lots of years had past since then, I'll never forget that day.

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I remember going 2 go visit a friend in the hospital and I was trying 2 get my shoes on in a hurry and I put on mismatched shoes and they were quite noticeable. Being different colors of course and I didn't find this out until I got 2 the hospital. LOL

I never thought that dress thing could happen. I have walked many times out of the bathroom at school with my fly down. I was a class clown at that time and it never bothered me. I still remember the teacher telling me that my fly was down. The whole class had a good laugh and things moved on. I doubt they even remember.<br />
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Lol, emerald, I would like to see the face of the people there. Especially the priest.

One of my embarrassing moments happened several years ago. I had stayed the night at my cousins and had a very important job interview the next morning. When I left her house I went to slip on my black flats and accidently put on my cousins shoes. I was in such a hurry I didn't notice. She wears a size 8 and my feet are a size 6. The interview went ok but I noticed quickly in the parking lot before I entered the building the shoe situation. As I left the interview and shook the mans hand I walked to the elevator. This is at the moment the man was still watching me leave. I walked right out of my shoes. I was so embarrassed. He got a good laugh. I didn't get the job but it is a moment I shall never forget.

I've got one up better than that!! I've done this TWICE!! Once at church, and once in high school when I was dressed up for the day as Dolly Parton!!

it was in second grade, everyone from that class probably forgot about that, same thing almost happened to me, I was in grade 11 at a graduation party, I went to the bath room and when I came out to refresh my make up at the sink I heard some girls giggling. I was about to leave the bathroom and noticed that my dress was in my underwear. the girls were outside waiting for me they were probably hoping I won't notice. well too bad for them.