On may 10th my son, we are English btw married his girlfriend who was born and raised in Ripley Tennessee, The girlfriends dad is a pastor, he married them.All he kept telling me was "god judges you English because you drink alcohol" " its evil to drink!" "its the demons inside you that make you drink !" .I told my son what his now father in law was saying to me, my sons reply was " dad to be honest he ( FATHER IN LAW) goes on cruises twice a year (paid for by the church)and gets really drunk! .Now this is the "funny bit" he told my son that "he only drinks rum because he likes the taste!" he also asked my wife and me " do we have terrible from our n-ggers in the uk?. we have traveled a lot of usa and without a doubt Tennessee are by far the rudest and most backward we have come a crossed.
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Yes, welcome to Tennessee.....It is horrible and I'm sorry you had to experience the crap here. I'm getting out next month, tyring to post around and hopefully help anyone that is thinking about relocating here. If you are thinking that, DON'T, you will be miserable and regret it. Don't believe me? Check out the other posts in here from A LOT of people saying the same thing.