I Love To Wear Rubber Sheath Pants.

I enjoy wearing rubber sheath pants, they make me feel secure and stimulated, I’ve been wearing rubber pants and other rubber items for nearly 40 yrs. It all started with an ad in a Sunday paper many years ago for soft rubber panties, so I bought some and have been wearing them ever since.

I sent off for a pair of rubber panties which felt lovely, stimulating and sensuous but the smell was not pleasing somehow, anyway, some years later rubber sheath pants came to my notice. Just slithering into them is so exciting and the moment of entry into the lubricated rubber sheath is exquisite, I added a short rubber tube to expel fluids as needed and the rubber aroma is very nice.

It’s so good to hear that other people have discovered this wonderful intimate pleasure.
Nikkirubber Nikkirubber
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All things rubber are adorable, particularly aprons.

I have just discovered the wonderful feeling of wearing a rubber dress glad to see another lover of rubber clothes

Yes, it's a great feeling sliding into the lubricated tight rubber sleeve. Unbeatable. Love it.

What have I been missing? Not been in to latex so far neither were my ex gf....

Dear Playtexlover I sent you an email yesterday, hope you got it. Nikki x

Dear Nikkirubber, please write about rubber and girdles and sheaths. Christine Playtex smoothlycaressed@yahoo.com

Playtexlover.<br />
The company which makes the silk/rubber lined panties is in Canada and is called 'The Woman in Me'. They really make these panties in male sizes, but I ordered a special pair for my girlfriend with a smaller than usual waist. They are beautiful and my GF adores them and shows them off to all her female friends.

I first fell in love with rubber because of Playtex Girdles. I touched one in a department store when I was 8-9 and the thrill was so great I have loved rubber ever since. I use the rubber urinal for two reasons one is to catch the constant urge to urinate and the other is for fun. Have a nice day Joe

Yes, the smell of Latex or rubber are very important for Latex and Rubber lovers!

I see that South Bucks still exists, they have improved their catalogue,but sadly they don't make rubberised cotton(mackintosh) cothes any more. I too wear a rubber urinal with rubber pants on top most of the time.

Yes South Bucks rainwear company made some nice panties. I bought a pair, and they so reminded me of the playtex panty brief. They had the same perforations and were similar. I don't know what happened to them , they advertised in a common magazine if I remember correctly. The latest one was Lasertex, which has sadly gone off line. They had a swell selection of panties, rubber bra's, open bottom girdles it was really something. I bought one of the panties, with four attached garters, very similar to playtex. They were well made, and firm too. There are a few good vendors in the UK but with them using the euro over there, it makes it difficult. There is a place which makes silk panties, with a rubber liner, and also available with a rubber lined sheath which matches the cloth material on the outside. Quite a selection is available. PL

I too remember those ads in the sunday papers, they were very exciting and erotic, South Bucks rubber company and Sealwear if I remember correctly. I sent off for the catalogues and it was from them that I made my first purchase, a pair of transparent latex knickers and long rubber gloves. It opened a whole new world that I did not even know existed, even 45 years on I am still have a fetish for rubber and plastic.