The Sensual Pleasure Of Sleeping In Latex Sheath Pants

I have long enjoyed the sensual pleasures of wearing latex bermuda shorts that have a lovely anatomical sheath the covers my penis and testicles. The feeling of tight latex covering my errect and throbbing penis and testicles is out of this world.

One thing that I find most important when wearing this anatomical sheath is to ensure that my penis and testicles are hair less. This helps to ensure maximum skin to latex contact.

I regularly sleep in a pair of latex bermuda shorts that have an anatomcal sheath. Rather than use a gel lubricant, I powder the insde of the sheath as well as my penis and testicles. With the bermuda shorts up to the top of my thighs, I insert my erect penis into the sheath which expels the air inside the sheath as I do so. I then insert my testicles insde the latex scrotum sack.  Being powdered these slip in easily. The sack also contains my testicles very comfortably and ensures that they do not retract into my abdomen.  I then pull up the latex bermudas up over my buttocks and tummy.

The feeling of latex over my buttocks and tummy is exquisite. But then the feeling of latex covering my throbbing penis is truly out of this world. As my penis errection becomes stronger, the feeling of the latex around the shaft of my penis becomes tighter.

I resist *********** for as long as possible and i often wake up in the morning with my penis hard that throbbing inside the latex sheath. Should I *********, the ecstacy is truly out of this world and my ********* being contained inside the sheath, does not mess the bed sheet.

In all it is a truly wonderful experience.
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I like to sleep in a full footed, gloved and hooded latex catsuit with an attached sheath like that. However, I like to use a silicone anal lube inside the sheath. It feels so nice while stroking myself and feel the slippery sheath sliding against my hard member.

I make a very small hole in the tip of the sheath, about half the diameter of a pencil. This way I never need to pull the suit down if I need to go to the bathroom..

I would have no clothing and wear nothing but latex every day if I could! I spend at least eight or more waken hours a day in a footed, gloved and sometimes hooded latex catsuit, sometimes just the catsuit and sometimes under other latex clothing.

I also often sleep in a full coverage latex catsuit, as mentioned, and have latex top and bottom sheets on my bed and latex pillow cases. I love the feeling, when moving a latex encased arm or leg to a new position, of the cool latex sheet that hasn't been warmed by body heat comes in contact. It just seems to heighten my awareness of what I an wearing. I often have such nice erotic rubber dreams while sleeping in latex.

I have never met a woman who enjoyed latex but, as I am gay, that's not a problem. My Boyfriend also has a huge latex fetish. We wear full latex a lot, even if it is under rubber outer clothing or regular street clothing. We always wear full rubber when having sex!

I am addicted to the rubber life style and need latex next to my skin.

Sounds like fun

I just ordered a pair of Simon O men's leggings with a built-in c&b condom, zipper flap and codice piece. I can't wait to try them in bed.

Once my slave girl controls the front.
He is taught that his back opening is a lot of fun for us.

I enjoy watching my sex slave girls training their man.
I advise my slave girls to make their male slave do it all them selves.
It takes longer and hurts a lot more.
Once inside. I have my slave girl place a hose clamp around his base.
Then she tightens it. he will never pull out.

I have worn sheath pants for about the last 25 years or more and the beautiful pleasure never diminishes. I always add a rubber tube at the tip to expel ********* and pee to a new pair so I can wear them all day and night. I have tried insertion sex too, the rubber sheath expels all the air in the sheath. I do like a little air inside to make it feel more squelchy - a little spittle makes it more squelchy too.

To keep your testicles from retracting. You need to put a retaining ring around the base.
There are many types.
It just needs to be just tight not to cut off flow.
Lube the sheath and then your parts.
it will take some work by yourself, Your partner will be very helpful.
Some sheaths are large enough so you can remove the ring and place the sheath inside the ring.
If you leave the ring off your will pop out quickly.

Good point about the **** ring! Often one, or both, testicles will slip out of the pouch part of the sheath. I just went to the hardware store and bought a rubber "O" ring. I stretch it out and slip my **** and balls through the ring. The rings are relatively rigid. If you get one the right size, it will settle in place and resume it's unstretched size, keep your balls from sliding out of the sheath and won't be tight or restrictive. It also makes it easier to get your balls through the narrower opening in the sheath.

I have some sheath pants that I wear and agree with all the comments. I just bought a sheath called a "rubber bondage balloon" and have great difficulty getting it on, I have tried lube, putting it under hot water to soften the latex, stretching it, but everything has failed so far and my testicles retract into my abdomen and can't get them into the ball sack . My partner tried to help but almost crippled me in the process.... does anyone have any ideas? The entrance hole is very stiff and inflexible. Help!!

Dear Latex Nick,

I have one of those and get good results from it. What I do is take a pair of sheath briefs with a built-in **** and ball sheath. Then I lube up the bondage balloon real slippery and insert the balloon into the c&b sheath. I then take the pants and put them on. When the balloon reaches my penis, I insert my penis into the compartment for your testicles and guide the balloon so that it accommodates my ****. Then I pull up the briefs up over my stomach which serves to keep the bondage balloon firmly in place over my genitals. As it grows in its tight, slippery funnel, the feeling is exquisite. My profile has a photo of me ******* off in my rubber bondage balloon.
Please write with your comments.


Can anyone tell me where to get the best latex penis briefs with scrotal sack.I think I need to wear them in bed every night.

Try twistmyrubberarm

I wear the shorts of rubber with penis sheath, but not the whole sheath, the tip is cut off, so the head comes out alive.On these, i put rubber baby nappy pants with large crotch area.It was disneyLand.I felt the head bouncing like ping-pong ball, gliding, circing,everything that is possible in that rubber heaven.Must try for fans of rubberpants.

I like to wear a pair of latex Bermudas with a sheath too. I turned these into a pair of leggings by gluing them at the knee to the legs I cut off from a pair of women's leggings I bought on eBay when they split because they were so small. Although I am not particularly well endowed, the sheath fits very snugly over my erect penis. Then I like to put on what is left of the top of the women's leggings as it adds additional pressure. I know a hood would really feel good together with a pair of opera gloves because I used to have these. I am unable to spend the night dressed in this attire because it's just too exciting and I get no sleep.

I often wear latex penis briefs, (sheath lubed with KY Jelly), worn over latex erection briefs with a rolled penis hole in front. I like to insert an inflatable butt plug first. I wear a skin-tight latex tank top (vest, undershirt) on the top. I wear this combination under my regular clothes as underwear. Also, wear it to bed with a tight full-face latex hood. I like to *** in it either in bed or while watching ****. My wife also likes to milk me and/or watch me do myself with me wearing a breath control hood gasping for air as I *** with the butt plug pumped to maximum.

This sounds great! What does an inflatable butt plug feel like. Does it require a long training period?

I know exactly how it feels as I have a similar pair of latex pants with sheath and they feel so good when I wear them,they always end up well lubricated.<br />
Regards rubberdiv.

I have a similar pair of briefs with a sheath. Playing in them is glorious. A night in them is heavenly and a 'second chance' in the morinig is out of this world!

Have you tried full insertion sex with a partner while wearing your sheath pants?

Yes with my wife. She loves it especially when wearing her total enclosure cat suit with a breath control hood. The penis pants desensitize me so I can last a really long time and give her several ******* till she nearly passes-out. When I finally do ******, it is massive.