This is the story involving Me and a girl meeting at Comic-Con. Here's how it goes:

Once upon a time My friend and I were at San Diego Comic-Con, having a pretty great time at the Exhibit Hall (For those who don't know what that is, the Exhibit Hall is a HUGE hall where companies set up their booths and sell things or give free things out. The Exhibit Hall at San Diego Comic-Con is ENORMOUS btw).

My friend and I were walking, living it up, we are walking one way direction and we see two girls walking the other direction, one with a pikachu hat and tan skin and another with a pokemon backpack and green dyed hair. I make eye-contact with the pikachu hat girl and we exchange smiles. I don't think anything of it and me and my friend continue to walk. After a few minutes of walking I casually look back to see what's around me, and I see the two girls behind us, now walking in our same direction. I think nothing really of it and continue to walk.

Me and my friend stop at booth and look at some comics that they are selling. I browse around and I see that the two girls have stopped as well. They are on their phones acting casual but I spot both the Pikachu hat girl and the dyed green haired girl looking up and making eye-contact with me. I know that they are following me and tell my friend. He doesn't believe me so I tell him that we will prove it one more time. Me and my friend then keep walking through the Exhibit Hall. I casually look behind me again and the two girls are still tailing us. The pikachu hat girl looks up, we make eye-contact again, then she looks down blushing. She now knows that I know that they are following us.

Me and my friend stop at another booth to test my theory. The girls stop again, this time across the walk-way from us. My friend now believes me and I ask him what we should do. He says to just ignore them and keep going through the convention. I told him that that was stupid and that we should confront the two girls. Immediately my friend says "No no no no, we're definitely not doing that". I say that I'm going to talk to them, and he can stay there. I start walking to them and he says "Wait! Your actually going to do it?" "Yes!" I reply back to him and keep walking.

We walk up to the girls and they are shocked that were coming to them. Also, can I add that I NEVER GET NERVOUS, like hardly ever, I don't get scared talking in public I'm not usually nervous around girls, but this time I was really nervous. I go to the girls and say "So, are you girl's following us?". The green-haired girl says pointing to the Pikachu hat girl "I have a boyfriend, and I'm trying to get her one". The pikachu girl blushes and gets all shy, hiding her face. I realize, at this point, how cute this girl is and that I actually like her a lot. I know that I should ask for her number, but I was wondering if that was too sudden, but I knew that I had to make a move because....


I'm on a Norwegian Cruise Ship sailing across the Mediterranean Sea. There was this place called the Teens Club where teens can meet and socialize and I met a girl called Ashley. I like her ALOT and she liked me ALOT. Things could have worked out but I never made a move cause I wasn't sure if she was into me (Well I knew she was, but you always think of the possibility that she isn't). So things didn't work out on the Ship. So this time I knew that I had to do something.


So after 2 seconds of awkward silence I'm about to wing it and ask for her number. But before I can, pikachu hat girl practically runs off embarrassed (in a cute and funny way) and her green-haired friend follows. I watch them go. My friend asks why I don't follow them. I just say that I want to play hard (ish) to get. So me and my friend wait for them to come back for 5 minutes. They don't come back so we start to go the direction they left, when I turn around and they are back at where we just were! We go back and lose them again. I convince my friend to wait with me for 5 more minutes at the spot we last saw them... They don't come back.

I finally give up and me and my friend go to see a panel up on the third floor (we were on the first floor). I kept saying that I wanted to find her but my friend told me that I was becoming a wreck and to snap out of it. So after about 10 minutes, and at the time that we were about to take the escalators to the third floor, I finally got over the pikachu hat girl, I was kind of mad at her actually. RIGHT AS I GET OVER HER, AND WE ARE ABOUT TO STEP ONTO THE ESCALATORS SHE SHOWS UP (but doesn't see me). "Anthony..." My friend says to me, looking at her. "I know" I say, as me and my friend keep walking to the escalators, and away from the girls. Once were on the third floor, I realize that I should have gone back and got her number, but it's too late now. I feel bad that I missed my chance but I vow to my friend that I will try as hard as I can and stop playing hard to get next time I see the pikachu hat girl.

Sadly... we never see the two girls again. But the whole rest of the day, I kept looking around for her.

Hopefully, with the lessons that I have learned from Ashley and Pikachu Hat Girl, next time I meet a girl who's into me. I'll get her!

Antho1232 Antho1232
22-25, M
Aug 22, 2014