Asian Persuasion

Everyday, my dad yells at me for being stupid and a *****; I had been working to sweep away my drama and finish my college courses at age sixteen. I still continue now as a Senior, and my legs are wobbly, I feel week.

My dad wants to disown me, my mother does not care, and my sblings laughs at me.
My father had just told me that he did not care if I killed myself because I am a loser.

My family hates me. (For I am asian my parents are strict)
Nijiko Nijiko
1 Response May 4, 2012

I am Asian too, and I can tell you this is NOT because they're strict. This is because they are emotionally abusive jerks and you are not what they call you out to be. Your parents can rot in hell and your siblings can be run over by a car; you, however, deserve a better life. Don't assume you deserve less because you're Asian. No, truly loving Asian parents do not do this. Please do not be misguided. I have felt this personally and I originally had the same thought as you; but no more.