Isolated From Original Family

I am isolated from my family of origin. I had to cut with them all! Im not speaking to them. They have created such a gossip around me that I am the one resposible for the family desunion. I use to be close to my father but he died one year ago. Since he died my mother went to live with one of my sisters and later she left her house and rent another house for her. I asked for a family meeting and some of my sisters said yes but in the end they did not want to do it and start offending me and calling me names. When my father was alive my mother gave, money, old furniture, etc to my sisters and never to me. So when they decided to make an inventory of what was in the house I told them to include what they have in their houses (antiques) that belong to my mother (my mother always said she did not give). Everybody was angry at each other so I asked for a meeting but I tinks my mother was the one who did not want it because she said if we were together we were going to fight. We were already fighting...! In the end she just called me to help to clean the old house. It important to say that I was living abroad 3 and hal years she never called me. When I use to go on hollidays to my country she use to give excuses not to see me and at the last minute she would and say on the phone that she love me...! also she wasw never happy for the things I had in life, she does not consider my daughter and she don t care about her. She use to give special gifts to other cousins on the back...!

Im suffering because now they say I was the one rseponsible for this problems in our family and now they are very good with each other and not with me. They told me terrible things about each other that is why I asked the meeting but now they told my sister everything I have said about her because this was the only sister that was still talking to me. They told thinhs that I told that were true, she is manupulative and she gets everything she wants from my mother.
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