What Did I Do?

I feel alienated from my family. We were close growing up and even into adulthood, but for the last couple of years, everyone has moved on with their own lives. I feel that I am excluded from everything. And now, I can't even see most of their posts on FB.
My sisters and I were supposed to take a trip to England in June, but my sister just posted, "It's official. Going to England with ..." and named two other sisters and not me. I wasn't involved in the planning or booking of the trip.
I've always been a listener in my family. I don't argue with any of them and allow them their opinions. However, when I state an opinion of my own (I consider myself a progressive open-minded thinker), I get backlash and animosity.
At Christmas, everyone was airing their grievances. I couldn't think of any to air, so I just listened. When it came to my turn, and I had nothing to say, they didn't prod or probe, they just went on with their own selfish petty complaints.
I know I'll get over this, and writing this is the beginning, but right now
MertBee MertBee
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

In the same sucky boat as you. Two sisters, both who tend to exclude and not care, and give a lot of animosity towards me when I share a different opinion than them. Do you find you tend to forgive them often and give them more chances, but it just keeps happening with them hurting you often and not seeming to care, and you keep taking it?