Mother In Laws Husband Hit On Me 2 Months After He Moves Out Of Her House- He Says He Seen Up My Skirt When I Was Sitting Down 10 Years Ago And I Looked Him In The Eye Like I Meant For Him 2 C But That All Happened In His Head.

My son was born when I was very young and his grandma and her husband started raising him when he was 4 , he's 14 now and this incident happened Sept 12 of this year . Don't think about it much except I've gotten really close to grandma over the years and I still feel like it accidentally gets brought up like her explaining to me that she left the sister in laws house really early to leave before grandpa got there. The while family up there knows now and i guess you can say I'm growing a complex. I feel like I've been painted as a jezebell .Well I struggled with telling My sons grandma for nearly a month before I told her because he had just moved out of their house and into his own apt like two or three months before that and I wasn't sure if they were going to get back together and if they were , I didn't want it to be because of me that they didn't . Ultimately I decided I hadn't anything to be ashamed of and that keeping a secret like this felt more like a lie and it would be internally corrosive... So I told. 
His grandmas best friend is grandpas sister in law and the sister in law has two daughters... I'm friends w them on facebook (they are my extended family and a part of my sons life, I try to be involved) - I noticed tonight that one of them deleted me(?) (now I should look n c if the other one did too!) so I sent her another friend request without thinking much of it till now... It really sucks , I swear to god I handled that the very best way I knew how and to think that they dislike me or begrudge me ... Like I'm being punished for his behavior?! This is exactly what I was afraid of. I guess it shouldn't matter to me what lies people believe about me but ya know it's very disappointing anyways any. Like I'm the one with no sense of boundaries or something. I always just wanted to be accepted as his daughter in law and he says he just couldn't look at me that way. How was this sup to end? No matter what I did it was going to be wrong. Just sucks that I had to ever be a part of it .
Crimsonorchid Crimsonorchid
26-30, F
Dec 11, 2012