Left Without a Will Or Instructions

On Friday night I hung up after my usual weekend telephone call with my father telling him that I loved him and wished him good health. and went to bed.

Saturday morning I got up and went on the computer and having only one telephone line the computer took it up.

My father had died in a single car accident in the Arizona desert Saturday evening and I was on the computer off and on all Saturday and noione could get through to me.

Sunday morning the nSheriff's Dept. came knocking on the door telling me that I needed to call my sister for an important message that they had been attempting to call me all evening.

I called to find out about my father's death and the shock was tremendous, I had just talked to him and he was healthy and alive and happy...I was devastated, angry with GOD, in a pit of despair my father was no more, why, why, why?

I was working on 5 years of sobriety and knew that I needed to call my sponsor fast! And I did and we talked and planned as to what I needed to doto ready for the flight to Arizona getting a copy from the funeral parlor to fly special rate home and then a list of AA numbers to call while at the airports on the way down for support.  And encouraged to make a meeting while I was there as often as I could.

You know I made it through the whole incident  with 1drinking brother and three drinking sisters I still didn't breaqk my sobriety, my father wouldn't have wanted me to so I didn't.

HE didn't have a will, nor leave any instructions as to what to do with his body to anyone of us and I am the oldest of the siblings and the eldest male child so itr rested on my shoulders as to the final decision as to whast to do with my father's reamains.

I prayed and made the decison and stuck by it saying that this was what my dad had wanted and it was affordable to be split by the five of us and it worked out great to everyone's satisfaction.

But I would not wish the unpreparednes of not having a will or instructions as what to do with the body upon any family member!


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I am very sorry for your loss.