Supernatural Themed Shows

There are lot of tv shows I like, but I tend to take real interest into the monster and mythology and supernatural related shows.

So this is a list of my favorite supernatural/monster/mythology themed shows.

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer. (Where to begin with this show? It's trucking awesome! Insanely quotable, a fantastic show, awesome characters, awesome monsters, all around awesomeness.)
2. Angel. (Like Buffy, there's too many awesome things about this show to list them all.)
3. Big Wolf On Campus. (The show that got me interest in werecreatures in the first place.)
4. The Munsters. (One of the first supernatural families on television. I saw the pilot for "Mockingbird Lane" and it was really good, I liked it.)
5. Addams Family. (Another classic series about a supernatural family).
6. Goosebumps. (My friend and I were obssessed with this show growing up. We had all the original books and everything. If you have to ask me which episodes I really enjoyed, it has to be Night of the Living Dummy III, One Day At Horrorland, Haunted Mask, and Werewolf of Fever Swamp.)
7. Are You Afraid of the Dark. (Like Goosebumps, this show has many different tales with supernatural elements. The Renegade Virus, Ghastly Grinner, Laughing in the Dark and the Full Moon ones are my favorite episodes in the series.)
8. Tales From The Crypt. (There are lot of supernatural elements in this show and the stories all have wonderfully wicked twist endings.)
9. Xena: Warrior Princess. (This show makes great use of Greek mythology and is a timeless classic.)
10. Hercules: Legendary Journeys. (I've recently started getting into this show thanks to Obscurus Lupa and this show is amazing. It's got great humour and really interesting and humorous plot-lines, not to mention the guest stars. My personal favorite being Autolycus played by Bruce Campbell. I also have a soft spot in my heart for the giant siblings Typhon and Typhoon - who are both played by Glenn Shadix.)
11. Doctor Who. (I am only new to this series but from what I have seen of it, it looks amazing! And I can see why so many people love it so much. The monsters are creative and really cool to look at too. My favorites besides the Daleks are the cat-nuns, The Clockwork Robots, Ood, and the "Smilers".)
12. Outer Limits. (I'm a sucker for anthology series.)
13. Aaah Real Monsters! (This cartoon is on my list of favorite cartoons and you know why. Very entertaining cartoon with entertaining characters!)
14. Mona The Vampire. (This is another cartoon that uses supernatural elements as part of the "imagine sequences", and it's a classic.)
15. Monsters. (Another anthology show with supernatural themes which I like.)
16. Weird Science. (Given that this is a show about science going wrong in numerous ways, there are bound to be more than a few episodes with supernatural elements in them.)
17. Sabrina The Teenage Witch. (How can someone not love this show? It's pure gold! Salem is adorable and funny. PS. I love the animated Sabrina shows as well.)
18. Teen Wolf. (This is the animated spin-off of the movie NOT the MTV Revival, it's one of my childhood favorites.)
19. Count Duckula. (Truly hillarious and it's great to watch!)
20. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. (Hillarious!)
21. Twilight Zone. (I love this show to no end. And i'm sure that fellow Deviantartist Ben-The-Looney would agree.)
22. Freaky. (This is the New Zealand version of Goosebumps. I have seen a few episodes with twist endings that are really unique and interesting.)
23. Supernatural. (Another good supernatural themed show).
24. Real Ghostbusters. (Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!)
25. Extreme Ghostbusters. (Not as good as Real Ghostbusters but still pretty awesome.)
26. Monster By Mistake. (This is about a boy who turns into a monster everytime he sneezes and it's one of the best computer animated shows ever next to ReBoot.)
27. X-Files. (I don't need to say anything about this show to tell you how great it is.)
28. Grimm. (This take on fairy tales is trucking epic! I like the "Wesen" and all the different types there are.)
29. Wizards of Waverly Place. (A Disney Channel show that I actually enjoy. The mystical and supernatural elements are all around and done rather well.)
30. Big Bad Beetleborgs. (I can't have a list of supernatural themed shows without bringing up Beetleborgs now, can I? Of course not. This show is well.......flabtastic!)
31. She Wolf Of London. (This is another show I got introduced to thanks to Obscurus Lupa and I have to say it is a pretty great show!)
32. Jim Henson's The Storyteller. (I love the stories this show tells such as classic fables and more. I got introduced to this show thanks to Werekatt and his website.)
33. So Weird. (Another supernatural themed show which I can't help but love, and one of the best examples of a good Disney Channel show.)
34. The Chronicle. (I have rarely heard anyone talk about this show, but I really enjoy it. My favorite episode is the one with the vampiric Elvis impersonators in it.)
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I know a few of these!

Yu-gi-oh is actually quite cool, despite what you may have heard about it. Before I watched it, I thought it was the anime show about the spinning things.