My First Anal Experience....

My marriage had ended (but my ex husband did not think good girls took it up the a**) and after two years of getting over that I started seeing a man. When he heard my sad story of how my ex husband would not allow me to do anything he felt sorry and asked me to make a list of everything I've always wanted to do in the bedroom. I didn't realize how long the list was until I started writing it, and it took two years but he allowed me to try everything on my list. Most things I really enjoyed and still do every chance I get. Other things I like but don't get to do them often.

Anal sex is something that I've only tried with him and he made me love it. I was so scared, but he took his time giving me lots of kisses, licking and touching. He went really slow allowing me to slid down on him; therefore allowing me to take as much of him as I wanted and as fast as it wanted it. As I very slowing slide down him stopping several times until being completely filled. He didn't move until I started moving on him and let me tell you when I did start moving I couldn't seem to get enough. I felt so full and so good, when he slid his fingers between my legs I came so fast and so hard. It was probably the best first experience I've had. I can't wait to find my Daddy and feel him filling my a** over and over again.
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Find my Daddy?
What does that mean.

But you give a good lesson for anal.
I will keep that in mind and if I have a **** in my *** I will take it slowly and slide on it.

very hot story

wow , and let me said.i would like doing me too with you XXXX


Good for you glad you found a guy that was letting you try all you wanted to experience.